GGP Consult Expands Their Services to Over 50 Countries

Hull, UK – GGP Consult has recently expanded their services to over 50 countries, and there is anticipation of even more extensive growth in the future. GGP Consult is a privately-owned engineering consulting firm that was founded in 1994. In their 24 years of experience, they have grown from a local, structural engineer in Hull to a global company with clients around the world.

Nearly every business in the world needs to engage in engineering at some point in their operating life. Whether it is designing a new building or creating infrastructure to support a new project, companies need engineering knowledge to flourish fully.

However, unfortunately, not all businesses are equipped with the staff and expertise to accomplish these projects. As a result, GGP Consult strives to offer their services to any company or individual around the world who may benefit from their services.

They have expertise in fifteen different sectors ranging from renewables and oil and gas to education and sport and leisure. Assisting with every step of the engineering process from design to build to completion, they strive to serve businesses of all sizes from sole proprietorships to large corporations as well as individuals.

Currently, their international services include oil, gas, transportation, petrochemical, industrial, and power. Yet, the company is continually looking to expand these services. More information about the specific services offered by GGP Consult can be found on their website:

While the company has been continually growing in their international endeavours, they still honour their roots in Hull. GGP Consult prides themselves on being one of the leading providers of civil engineering in Hull. Locals looking for services can stop by their office at this location:

Companies like GGP Consult are vitally important to their clients because they take care of projects in which their clients lack expertise. This helps their client businesses to focus on their core competencies without having to strain their resources to attempt projects for which they are ill-equipped. This way, businesses can focus on what they do best and leave companies such as GGP Consult to do what they do best in a mutually beneficial relationship.

Engineering requires meticulous attention to detail. Those who are not highly trained are unlikely to excel in this field. Companies like GGP Consult fill a void in the world marketplace by providing engineering services to their local community as well as throughout the world.

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