HUBI is the world’s first to create “Exchange Alliance 3.0 Model”, that enables everyone to be a Super Node

Hubi ( is a global digital asset exchange alliance, the world’s first to create “Exchange Alliance 3.0” model, that makes everyone isto be a super node. Hubi’s exclusively 3 major advantages,” “Platform + Alliance + Eco-system”, providingoffer global users with a one-stop trading platform of with lower entry threshold, better services , and higher liquidity.

I. Hubi’s Brand New Brand Imagine has been Launched Globally worldwide

Hubi has completed brand upgrade and, begunstarted to use the international domain name (, brand new brand image has also been launched globally.

Hubi’s Brand New Brand Image

II. World’s First”Exchange Alliance 3.0” Model

4 Stages of the Development of Exchange Alliance:

Exchange Alliance 1.0 Stage:

Represented by ZB and Huobi, operated as companies, heavy operation, heavy team, heavy assets, slow globalization, low coverage.

Exchange Alliance 2.0 Stage:

Represented by IDCM, with regional differentiated resource partnerships, with high entry threshold, slower globalization and low coverage.

Exchange Alliance 2.5 Stage:

Represented by the Binance, OKEX, and Huobi Cloud, all “big boss” partners they have are “big bosses”, with high entry threshold, slow globalization, and lower coverage

Exchange Alliance 3.0 Stage:

Hubi is the creator of “Exchange 3.0” with the, world’s first “Exchange Alliance 3.0”Model, everyone is a super node, with lowest entry threshold, faster globalization, higher coverage.

Hubi launches world’s first “everyone is a super node” “exchange alliance, – Hubi Global Alliance (HBGA)

III. Hubi Established Exchange Eco-system Centered around Hubi Global Alliance

Hubi has cooperated with many top blockchain organizations such as Lianan, BitForce, TokenInsight, and Face++, etc.,  to provide security audits, market-making services, data disclosure, and smart KYC services for Super Nodes, securing the utmost security the Hubi Global Alliance.

In addition, Hubi will create Hubi eco-circle with 4 layers(Exchange Alliance, Public-chain Layer, DApp Layer, Hubi Eco-Layer), centered around Hubi Global Alliance, creating eco-circle value through connection between Hu and HUB to Hubi Eco-system

IV. World’s First VIP Consensus, HU Points and HUB Eco-Coin, Forming VIP Consensus Benefits


HU Points is a welfare certificate for establishing the Hubi users ‘ equity system, 100% foras gifts, convertible to HUB Eco-Coin according to a certain ratio.

HUB, as the global token connecting Hubi ecosystem, never distributed for free, bearing eco-benefits, circulation attributes and value consensus.

Hubi creates the world’s first VIP Consensus centered around HU Points and HUB Eco-Coin, just need consensus, can enjoy VIP consensus benefits can be enjoyed. 

Hubi VIP Consensus Chart

Hold HUB to reach the corresponding VIP Consensus Class, you can instantly enjoy the corresponding VIP consensus rights:

Hubi VIP Consensus Chart

V. Hubi Global Alliance will recruit global super nodes in this November, please pay attention to the announcement of the on Hubi official website.

More Details:

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Business Partnership

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Hubi Exchange Alliance ‘Strategic Partners: Lianan, BitForce, TokenInsight, Face++,,, B91 and other top blockchain institutions.

We are pleased to welcome more and more blockchain institutions to become our strategic partners and build the Hubi Exchange Alliance together!

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