Ambertime Innovative Product Makes Its Public Debut Brilliantly

AmberShield is Ambertime’s innovative and encrypted product, officially launched on October 27. This product is a combination of military-level encryption chip and AMT block chain encryption algorithm. The Ambertime team developed a security chip film card which can be easily attached to various mobile phone SIM / UI cards called the Amber chip-sticking card.

In accordance with the White Paper on Security of Digital Cash Wallet released by the Ministry of Information Security of 360 Group on June, 2018, at present, more than 80% of the 20 most mainstream hot wallets in the market have security risks, which are mainly manifested in the following aspects: most digital assets are hot wallets, and the users’ personal assets are stored in folders specified by the software, without a real security carrier. Despite that there are cold wallets in the market, they fail in not touching the internet, and moreover, they are relatively expensive and do not have a sound secret key control mechanism, most users still prefer to copy mnemonic words with paper and record personal private keys and other information with U disks. As a result, once the mnemonic words and U disks are lost, all assets will not be traced back.

But by using AmberShield Wallet, security risks mentioned above will be effectively avoided and solved because:

1. Storage Security of Private Keys

The private key of the wallet is generated in the chip-sticking card, and the private key does not come out of the hardware, and moreover, the chip-sticking card boasts strong capability to resist key recovery attacks, which ensures the storage of the key and security in operation.

2. Call security of keys

The chip-sticking card is provided with a PIN code authentication mechanism. When dealing with an asset transaction, in addition to the verification of transaction password, it is also required to go through the verification of PIN code so as to ensure the call security of the keys.

3. Security of encryption communication

When encryption is used, password, face and fingerprint authentication will be adopted to avoid illegal identity use.

Through AmberShield, users can have the most secure, convenient and reliable online cold wallet, which mainly supports AMTC, BTC and ETH asset management at the moment, including asset transfer, collection, export and import of core data – private key, etc.

AmberShield possess the function of built-in intelligent input method, all input contents are not uploaded to the cloud in order to avoid privacy disclosure, which maximally adapt to users’ input habits and improve user experience. Moreover, it can also convert texts, voices, pictures, videos and files in WeChat, QQ, SMS, email, WHATSAPP and other communication tools into ciphertexts for transmission when users transmit privacy information or confidential data to realize encryption transmission and secure storage of information sources. Furthermore, it can also make encrypted calls via encrypted conversations of the built-in encrypted chip-sticking card to effectively prevent eavesdropping trojans and pseudo base stations from stealing secrets with no secret disclosed at all, and prevent screen capture, recording, or screen recording as well.

AmberShield launched this time uses a military-level encrypted chip and AMT blockchain encryption algorithm. It can communicate binary data across the network (fixed / mobile / satellite / IP), across the domain (CS / PS), throughout the whole process (from source to sink), and all the time (all-weather update key) via ubiquitous voice channels, which has solved the security issue of distributing keys to active information in a cost-effective manner and realized the external hardware encrypted chips, with the built-in random number of generators generating dynamic keys for secure communication and storage of one key for one person, one key at a time and one key for one conversation.

In respect to this rare point-to-point source encryption security product in the market, we have entered into a strategic cooperation with the military of a certain country. Moreover, it has passed a high-level security evaluation by relevant confidential inspection departments, takes the lead in application and gains approval in the military field.

Under the current situation that digital asset loss, privacy disclosure and theft threats become increasingly serious, Ambershield’s general terminals and general services will definitely become a Morse code for blockchain digital assets and communication!

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