Towards a Future of seeing ‘Drinks Served by Robot Bartenders’: Yanu

With Artificial Intelligence substantially dominating the virtual and practical space of late, there is almost nothing that a robot cannot do. There is Alexa that can do about everything that your personal assistant can do. There are Google’s self-driving cars that can take you about everywhere you want to go. Then, at the end of the day, when you resort to a bar for your mind’s solace, brace yourself to witness a new robotic prototype greeting you there too.

Developed by Robolab OÜ, a company in Estonia, Yanu is the first fully autonomous bartending unit that utilizes artificial intelligence to serve drinks. With an arsenal that holds up to 50 bottles, the robot will be able to take orders, process payment, and mix and serve cocktails from a long list of recipes. At its fastest, the machine can make up to 150 drinks per hour.

Nonetheless, the most striking feature of the bartender robot is its chatbot technology, which impersonates the customer-bartender wordplay by allowing the unit to answer questions, recommend drinks or offer sightseeing tips. It’ll even crack a joke, if you want it to. “Yanu is not a vending machine—it’s more of a sophisticated bartender from the future,” says CEO and founder Alan Adojaan.

Though it is going to be quite some years before Yanu replaces bartenders all over, one can still look forward to spotting one here or there around the globe. The robot might start functioning at the earliest in several European airports that the company has currently negotiating terms with. You have a chance to grab one of these smart bartenders for yourself, given the robots’ sale is already live. The approximate cost is $150,000 per unit.

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