Logics Global: An Emerging Sensation in the Booming World of Cryptocurrency


Logics Global has proudly announced the introduction of its all-new cryptocurrency coin. The newly launched cryptocurrency is master node and ensures the ultimate privacy protection for its users worldwide. Moreover, Logics Global has also recently published a white paper that details all features of this emerging cryptocurrency sensation, and it is getting a phenomenal response worldwide. Known as LGC, this coin is an open source password protected currency with DASH as its base and it uses POS (Proof of Stake) 3.0 protocol to protect the network and using LGC’s special technology.

“There are endless advantages of using a master node cryptocurrency, but the most important advantage is high rate of return on investment.” Said the spokesperson of Logics Global, while publishing the whitepaper. “We are different from our competition in many ways and the fact that makes us unique among all the other master node cryptocurrencies is that the establishing cost of our LGC coin is significantly lower than others.” He added. According to the spokesperson, LGC coin’s nickname is LG coin, and it is getting a phenomenal response worldwide.

In addition, Masternodes guarantee a stable ROI and in the volatile industry of cryptocurrency, this particular features makes LGC a safe investment for both investors and brokers. The primary focus of the blockchain technology used in this mechanism is directed at perfectly protecting the privacy of the user, while also guaranteeing that each transaction is highly secure. Furthermore, the company is welcoming new investors and brokers from around the world to become a part of this emerging platform.

For more information, please visit: http://www.logicsglobal.org.

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