TaskQue Takes A 360 Degree Change! Introducing New TaskQue 2.0 Empowering the Next Generation Task Management

TaskQue has recently revamped its complete platform and launched a new version which is not only graphically pleasing but also includes some exciting new features for all its customers. It is now transforming from a simple task management application to a productivity enhancement application focused on enhancing the productivity of its users.

To all those who are eager to learn what the new TaskQue 2.0 has in store for you, let’s find out:

Exciting User-Onboarding to Give You a Personalized Experience

TaskQue believes that your first impression is the last one. Hence, it has introduced a completely new visual onboarding process for a smoother transition of users from the sign-up process to the dashboard. With the all-new onboarding process, you can easily flow through different stages by getting a complete knowledge on how to use the amazing platform. When you are done setting your preferences, your TaskQue dashboard will be perfectly optimized to fit in accordance with your professional persona.

Introducing Standardized Workflows and New Workflow Templates

With the new TaskQue 2.0, you get industry standard workflow formats which enables you to get most of your tasks done in a single instance. You can get more accurate workflow which enables to judge and forecast productivity in a more seamless manner. The software is capable of adjusting itself in accordance with your workflows. In case, you aren’t savvy with creating workflows, you can always opt-in for a template present in the extensive library of TaskQue.

Get A Complete 60-Days Free Trial Period only on TaskQue

Normally, when you subscribe to a new software, you get either a 14-day or 30-day free trial. However, the case is completely different for TaskQue users. TaskQue offers its users a complete 60 days free trial to give an exclusive experience to all its customers. You can now have complete access to all the important TaskQue features and get completely acquainted with the platform.

Convert To Dos into Tasks With Just a Click of a Button!

No wonder we create To-Do lists so we can keep track of the tasks which are in pending. Do you wish that your To-Do list automatically convert into your upcoming tasks? TaskQue has recently added a new feature which allows a user to easily move their to-dos into their tasks with just a click of a button.

But that’s not all where TaskQue draws the line. The developers at TaskQue have done a marvelous job in tweaking a number of old features and made them more comprehensive for users.

With TaskQue –

  • You can now store your project documents in more manageable form.
  • You can create unlimited sub-tasks in the parent task.
  • You can set five different statuses on existing tasks.
  • You can change the project sequence using Drag n Drop.
  • You can now assign tasks to people in Groups.
  • You can now export meeting of minutes in PDF format.
  • You can now invite your friends/colleagues to TaskQue.
  • You can now share tasks using URLs.
  • The new TaskQue is more performance optimized.

TaskQue has also overviewed three prominent bug fixes:

  • Users are now allowed to leave shared workspace when their task in the shared workspace is completed.
  • Users can unsubscribe or select the type of engagement emails they wish to receive.
  • The link to email preferences has been fixed. Now users can select and deselect the notification emails.

TaskQue realizes that the need for preventing hurdles in completing organizational tasks is an important aspect to be fulfilled. If you want to achieve goals that can embark you on an everlasting success journey, you need a software platform which is more optimized and is aimed at developing 100% efficient workflows. With that in mind, TaskQue has taken a leap forward with the objective to create a remarkable platform which can polish the value of your business.

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