Car Accident Reports and Prospect Providers Announces Premium Service for Chiropractors, PI Attorneys and Related Industries

Car Accident Reports, a subsidiary of Prospect Providers, has announced a premium subscription service for reaching out to those who have been involved in personal injury car accidents.

Primarily available to chiropractors and personal injury attorneys, this service allows these and related industries to market directly as a proven alternative to the broad-shoot and expensive approach of other media, such as radio, television or billboards.  Currently available for Minnesota accident reports, the service will soon be extending to other states and areas.

“We have a longstanding, proven marketing approach,” began company co-owner, Shawn Denning. “It dates back to our beginnings 12 years ago when our Founder created successful marketing lines for chiropractic offices around her home-town area.  We know what works and what is working, and we are proud to help our clients utilize this approach both to capitalize on the prosperity and, conversely, to give the genuine help needed by those who have been hurt.”

Not a total stranger to being on the personal injury side of the equation, Mr. Denning had a car crash of his own in a jeep.  He expressed a passion for seeing that other victims whose names end up on collision reports, get reached and offered the care they may need.  “Luckily, I got chiropractic care after my accident,” he began.  “My only real injury was that an air bag exploded and broke my nose in the crash, so I came away with some aches and pains.  These were all caused, according to my doctor, by the misalignment in my head, neck, shoulders and spine.”  Shawn went on to cite an example of another who was not so fortunate or informed.  It was a young lady who had an accident, didn’t get care and no one reached out to her.  Consequently, when she finally did begin chiropractic treatment many years later, she had already developed scar tissue and was now suffering chronic headaches.

Looking into the car accident reports service, it stands out with specific superlative qualities.  It includes a monthly subscription to the police reports themselves.  These are most often .PDF copies of the original reports released from the stations, rapidly assembled and put into the hands of subscribers – this speedy service runs on a deadline of 24 hours.  The information is almost simultaneously processed into mailing-ready lists so that labels can be run and mailings gotten out the door fast.   The lists and reports are both sent to clients by email and also made available online 24/7 after release. The service for Minnesota can be subscribed easily at the Minnesota accident page  for the service in other states a request form needs to be filled out.

The collision reports and mailing lists provided are not only from police stations, but also sheriff’s offices and highway patrol offices.  “Every station is different and has unique requirements for releasing the data,” said a company source.  “It takes some logistics to obtain so many stations’ information, but we know timing and marketing quantity are essential so we are diligent about our speed and efficiency.”  For clients who have neither time nor resources to do the research and leg-work themselves, this service gives them a central place, not only to obtain it, but to give them the best in the industry.  Mr. Denning also commented in concluding his description of the subscription itself, “It’s a goldmine of marketing data, to the benefit of both the person injured and the industry serving them.”

Another element of Car Accident Reports’ service is graphically creating tailored mailers based on what is working in the marketplace.  They also consult on the establishment of the line to help chiropractors or attorneys get it through a successful launch and into profitable operation.  

For those who want to market to these individuals but don’t want to pay for car crash reports, they can get the lists themselves, but the warning is that it takes a lot of work, traveling and fees of various amounts, so it may be difficult, if not impossible, for a clinic or law office to do a job adequate to achieve a viable market penetration.  But with enough names, enough correctly researched promotional literature and good timing, Car Accidents Reports says that business can be captured from both the direct and indirect effects of this line.  Their unique approach and premium services can be understood more thoroughly at

Company Name: Car Accident Reports
Contact Person: Matteo Galbiati
Phone: (310)717-0264
Country: United States