Pino\’s Gift Basket Shoppe, Wine Cellar and Lounge Upholds 98-Year-Old Tradition

Pino’s Gift Basket Shoppe, Wine Cellar and Lounge has grown from humble beginnings a favorite neighborhood spot that has served multiple generations of Central Jersey residents. The Gift Basket Shoppe and Wine Cellar were established in the year 1920 by the Pino family and have since then continued to uphold a 98-Year-Old tradition, continuing to offer Gourmet Gift Baskets, gourmet foods, and “constantly superior” products.

Over the course of nearly a hundred years of service, Pinos Gift Basket Shoppe, Wine Cellar & Lounge has evolved and grown with the surrounding community. What started as a “greengrocery” store in the beginning, post Prohibition, the “mom and pop shop” began offering fine wines and spirits carefully curated by Vinnie Pino.  It evolved once again, 5 years ago when current owners, Steve and Siobhan Weinstein added “The Lounge”. Pino’s has been through hard times and great times, but has persevered to become a place that the locals have grown to love and depend on. Pino’s is a kind of place you can walk into day or night and it makes you feel special. It is a place where you can rock out and be loud, but also spend a quiet evening with someone special. Once you go to Pino’s you will wish you had one in your town. I love Pinos.” – J. Crocco, a regular at Pino’s expressed his fondness for the place.  In fact, Pino’s inspired a song “Thursday Night at Pino’s” written by The Nowhere, a band of local musicians that frequent The Lounge on Thursdays.

Today the current  Pino’s is a combination of the original Pino’s shop on the corner, under the owner, Vinnie Pino and a more current version that caters to the diverse community that is Highland Park. “Pino’s is a social hub that this community needs, which is why we keep coming back.” – D. Voorhees, Highland Park resident.

The Lounge regularly holds live music, fundraisers, open mic night and trivia night events. The local residents and passers by love to drop in to relax & enjoy a glass of wine, a pint of craft beer or a signature, barrel-aged cocktail.  Regulars love the “BYOF” option, and often opt to order in or bring takeout from the many surrounding restaurants.

The Pino’s Gift Basket Shoppe, Wine Cellar and Lounge team, and management look forward to serving the Highland Park residents for many more years to come, nurturing the special bond between the locals and their favorite neighborhood spot.


Pino’s Gift Basket Shoppe, Wine Cellar and Lounge owned and managed by Highland Park residents Steve and Siobhan. The Gift Basket Shoppe and Wine Cellar carry a heritage of nearly 100 years of serving the locals with a range of quality products and the perfect spot the relax.

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