New Strongest Coffee In America Contender Blackout Coffee Company Launched

The competition for the strongest coffee in America has a new contender with the launch of Blackout Coffee Company. The new online coffee store will be bringing some stiff competition in the form of fresh roasted coffee with a bold strong flavor. Blackout Coffee is for the serious coffee drinkers and not for the faint of heart, with the premium “Brewtal Awakening” blend that includes a combination of hand selected exotic coffees roasted in small batches to perfection ensuring that each cup of the “Brewtal Awakening” blend packs a full flavored caffeinated punch.

The American family owned and operated, Blackout Coffee Company is founded by a clan of serious coffee lovers for the American patriot as a celebration of what the country stands for and the nation’s love for the quintessential morning coffee. With a vision to be the highest quality, best tasting and most patriotic coffee in America, Blackout Coffee Company has entered a fast growing market that prefers responsibly sourced, nutritious and fresh coffee from small companies that put quality over quantity. Roasting coffee in small batches allows the company to maintain a consistent quality and excellent taste.

The spokesperson for Blackout Coffee Company said, “We at the Blackout Coffee Company focus on fresh roasted coffee and ship it directly to the customer’s doorstep. As a company that is extremely proud of our great nation, we also offer a package that allows people to send coffee for the deployed soldiers. These very reduced in price packages is our way to support our troops  and say thank you to those that serve and protect our country.”

Blackout Coffee Company responsibly sources the coffee beans by working directly with farmers and local cooperatives to ensure that the farmers are paid well above fair trade prices, which has a direct impact on the quality of the end result. The company has adopted a “full transparency” policy regarding the source of their coffee beans. From sourcing the beans to roasting them to perfection, the complete line of Blackout Coffee premium coffee blends focuses on providing America with clean, unique, nutritious and fresh coffee.


Blackout Coffee Company is an American family owned and operated business that delivers right to customer’s doorstep small batch freshly roasted coffee. The company was recently launched with a mission of providing America with clean, unique, nutritious and fresh coffee.

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