According to the latest research, couples tend to gain weight after marriage.

“Marriage makes you FAT” is true!

My girlfriend who have slimmed for many years, showing me the joyful discovery yesterday:

“Hmmm, don’t have to lose weight, it’s easy to get fat after marriage, everyone is the same!”

“The conclusion from scientific research is not allowed to argue.”

Originally, in order to research the relationship between marriage and weight change, the researchers of the Max Planck Institute for Education, the University of Mannheim, the University of Leipzig, and the German Institute of Economic Research selected 20,000 Germans for up to 16 years data tracking, which confirmed that “Easy to get fat after marriage” is true:

In the first 4 years after marriage, couples’ weight gain is usually twice that of when they were alone before marriage!

And this effect is not affected by age, health status, mental state, frequency of physical exercise and fertility status.

The so-called put on weight is the blessing of marriage happiness.

Getting fat is the minimum respect for marriage!

Think about her husband’s gradually Inflated figure, touching her own fat tummy.

Exquisite before marriage, thick arm and round waist after marriage, the gym and sweat have little effect, which is benefited from happiness and nourishment.

“Love makes people fatter, marriage makes people deform.” Those years we grew fatter together, it is simply showing off in love.

1. The most romantic thing I can think of is to eat fatter with you.

“Which moment did you fall in love with him?”

“When I got Haagen-Dazs that he brought back, not really, when I drink.”

The girl chose him who was homely from the many admirers, because only he remembered that she loved ice cream. She was traveling several miles away in the suburbs, off the top of her head, saying she wanted to eat Haagen Dazs. He rushed with ice cream in his arms and brought it to her. The ice cream melted and her heart was warmed.

“Love starts at table.”

Vegetables and dishes are not only the sunshine and soil of love, but also the “culprit” of fat.

A well-known British food company surveyed 1,000 couples, 62% of whom said they began to gain weight after falling in love.

The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) conducted a four-year follow-up survey of 169 couples, stating that the more harmonious lovers or couples, the easier it is for both to gain weight.

Ralph Hertwig said: “Why do you get fat after marriage? Because changes in marital status often mean changes in daily eating habits, such as couples going to breakfast, usually everyone eats more than when they live alone. ”

The famous famous author ECHO said: Love, if not implemented in the real life of dressing, eating, money, sleeping, is not easy to last long.

Let’s cook together, eat together, taste regular meals, talk about the changing seasons in the kitchen’s pyrotechnic gas and precipitation of the “happy fat”, which is full of contented companionship.

2. When bitter and happiness is shared, enjoy inner peace and grow fat.

On the weekend, I attended a warm wedding, a 50-year wedding anniversary of my friends’ grandparents.

The host asked Grandpa: “What would it be if you used a keyword to describe your love?”

Grandpa said without hesitation: “Figure!”

He used to be a melancholy boy, his mother was seriously ill, his father was ignorant, and his heart was filled with bitterness. No matter how much food he eats, he always seems weak.

Before the marriage, the grandfather’s family had huge debts, fearing that the grandmother would ask for a retirement.

However, Grandma insisted on marrying Grandpa and working hard with him to pay off the debts and support each other to tide over the difficulties.

Later, the family became better and the concern disappeared. Grandpa’s physical condition improved and he actually gained weight.

He expressed his deep affection to grandmother: “I used to be weak and gloomy. Today, The fat on the body is not grown for no reason. It is the love you give me. It is you who let me understand the meaning of going together through storm and stress, and let me gain happiness.”

Grandmother was moved to tears, and we cried too.

Several guests also shared the most moving details of their marriage then.

Unexpectedly, what most people are impressed with is not the face and perfect body of the other side when they are young, but the warmth that they do not give up, and the courage to tide over the difficulties.

She left the lights for him every night, sculptural soft lights is the direction of the home, but also the warm companion on his struggle road;

He kept taking care of her when she was sick, watching her face ruddy, her body getting richer, and she was sweeter than eating honey;

Every little thing is a gentle love.

Every inch of growth of the waist, precipitation of peace of mind.

Michel Eyquem de Montaigne said: “Good marriage is a sweet union in life, full of perseverance, loyalty, and countless help and mutual obligations.”

Marriage is a journey of piritual practice When two persons are sharing sorrow and happiness, naturally be liberal in mind and stout of body.

3. The body shape varies many times, but love is tougher.

There is also one kind of getting fat, which is derived from the choice and concession of love.

Recently, an actress accepted an interview with People Weekly. She exposed that she was once fat like a fur seal  for ingravidation, and could hardly get up off the sofa.

In order to make her screen image looks better, she used to keeping her weigh at 42 kilograms, known as the “zero size model”.

For a long time, she only ate a soybean milk and an egg all day, just had a few bites of rice with pickles as snacks while physical strength failed.

However, her insistence on the perfect shape and strict self-discipline are not worth mentioning in front of the children.

In order to change the constitution that is not easy to conceive, she broke the dietary discipline and racked her brain to gain weight. Even she had a hard time reducing weight after giving birth to a baby, When the second child arrived, she decided to experience weight gain once again.

For her, despite out of shape, the firm love is invariable. Her funny soul has become richer and softer because of the arrival of children.

When asked, “Will you want to turn back to be thin?”

She said: “My current focus has been on my children. I have a harder task to take care of two independent lives.”

I can’t help thinking of another friend of mine. She also loves facial and spa, but she is seriously deformed due to the preparation of the test tube baby, and she has not recovered after several years.

We all regret that her school sweetheart status has become Arena Legends, but she smiled lightly: “With the support of love, all the disbursement is in my willingness.”

Some people say that the shape of a woman after marriage begins to change because she redefines happiness.

Therefore, when a woman is willing to accept weight gain, when she accepts the gift of life with her body and diligently nourishes the happiness of the family, please be gentler and understand more.

4. After daily necessities, happiness will be peaceful and contented.

What is really love like?

Yes, we will have struggles, deficiencies, weaknesses in relationship but we also have virtues, passions and wonderful things in it. It’s our double freckle white still helping each other. When your face is wrinkle and get out of shape, I still think you are the most special one in the world. .

True love is that other people say that she is unworthy of him. He still holds her hand at anytime and anywhere. His eyes are full of enthusiasm: “All beautiful woman in this world is not as attractive as my wife.”

True love is that I gave birth to two children. I looked at my waist and I was distressed. My husband squinted and said, “Where are you fat, I can’t see it at all.”

The American TV series “The Good Wife” says:

The greatest charm of marriage is actually to explore how deep connections can be achieved by two people who are not related to blood.

It takes a long time for us to understand that true love never dies out of time, nor fades out of shape.

In smooth and continuous life, tall, fat and thin seem like nothing.

The happiness of keeping hand in hand is the most exciting and peaceful thing.

PS: Growing fat with inner peace is good, health is also important! I hope everyone can exercise a lot, eat well, and be awesome!

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