Dr. Cotey Jordan’s The Growth Cycle Benefits Hundreds of Corporate Wellness Programs Worldwide

Dr. Cotey Jordan, the founder of wellness website Inspired To Be Healthy, is the creator of The Growth Cycle, a system that guides people through the growth they desire in any area of life including health, marriage, fitness, parenting, relationships, finances, stress management, professional life, lifestyle, and career goals. The Growth Cycle has been taught in hundreds of corporate wellness programs worldwide, helping businesses improve the health and wellness of their employees.

The importance of health and fitness has increased to a greater extent. The health of employees is a valuable asset to any company. This is why companies are developing corporate wellness programs that help in creating better options and solutions to maintain a healthy environment for everyone. Wellness programs cover almost every aspect of an employee’s life. The Growth Cycle covers corporate wellness, stress management, peak performance, workplace ergonomics, do’s and don’ts in a workplace environment and workplace modalities.

Wellness programs aim to create inspired people. For instance, a program that focuses on medical examinations and diagnosis helps in finding undiagnosed conditions. It allows employees take precautionary steps to maintain a cure or prevent a health condition. An insight into their health condition motivates them to stay fit, change their food choices and start exercising. A wellness program that focuses on time and stress management issues can include healing techniques such as tai chi and yoga to help employees relieve pain and tap their energy. This helps them stay focused on their task, which increases their productivity. Wellness programs also help employees develop and maintain good relations with co-employees. They become more aware of the diversity in the workforce and are taught how to coordinate with others.

Dr. Cotey’s system, The Growth Cycle, helps organizations get visible, accurate results from their corporate wellness programs. Healthy employees don’t only mean a happy person with sound health, but also someone who has balance in his life and enjoys a healthy lifestyle with pleasant relationships. Dr. Cotey has dedicated his life to coaching people lead a healthy and successful lifestyle. The Growth Cycle, the system he designed himself, helps business owners learn how to help themselves and their employees live a healthier life, how to overcome workplace stress and create a healthy corporate wellness environment, how to develop a personal and workplace wellness program that will last, how to create a healthy workplace that is in line with their values and beliefs and how to create workplace peak performance that their employees will thrive in.

Dr. Cotey is also an author. His book, Beyond Symptoms, covers the core four foundational principles of health and how to create and achieve 30-year goals. He also shares tools, rituals, and knowledge that can help one achieve the best health.

About Dr. Cotey Jordan:

Dr. Cotey Jordan is a professional wellness consultant, speaker, influencer and author. He has spent 12 years in 11 countries studying and looking for keys to helping healthy people get stronger and helping sick people get well. Dr. Cotey has dedicated his life to coaching people live a healthy and successful lifestyle.

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