Tenants.com is a Valuable Renting Resource used by both Tenants & Landlords

The tenant landlord relationship is a two way relationship, and only ends badly if one of the parties doesn’t live up to their word. That is where Tenants.com comes in. This innovative website can help both the tenant and landlord with advice, tips, articles, and tools that will enable a bond between them.

Tenants.com can help people looking for their next apartment, condo, or house to find a rental. Tenants.com has the rentals everyone is looking for and all the tools needed to find them. Company president Wayne Gathright says, “By carefully evaluating property assets throughout an entire area, Tenants.com can find the perfect rental in the desired location, and facilitate communication between the tenant and the landlord. Additionally, tenants can find the right roommate that is looking in the same area, and has matching preferences by using the proprietary matching algorithm”. Other benefits for the tenant include moving help and moving supplies, online rent payment, and affordable renter’s insurance for tenants. There are also numerous helpful articles, blogs and tips for tenants.

For the property manager or landlord, Tenants.com provides an easy way to provide online rent payments, online rental applications, tenant screening, and a tool to communicate with potential tenants. The tenants will contact the landlord from the website, and then the rental rate and other amenities can be negotiated with the messaging built into the software.

For tenants who enter into a lease agreement and rent a house or apartment from a landlord, a number of potential legal issues and disputes can arise. Tenants can find advice and tips for avoiding legal issues in that case. If legal advice is needed, the assistance of an attorney can be a true asset for tenants seeking to protect their legal rights. Whether a tenant needs help reviewing a lease, or negotiating the terms of a lease or rental agreement, Tenants.com can provide valuable assistance. For those that are facing the prospect of an eviction or unlawful detainer action and may be the victim of a fair housing violation, their legal resources can help. Additionally, if a tenant needs help getting their security deposit back from the landlord, Tenant.com offers helpful articles and tenant legal help so a tenant can get the best possible outcome for their situation.

Tenants.com also offers landlord legal services for property managers who are in need of assistance through any complex or difficult situation. Whether a landlord manages one property or ten, there are a number of legal issues they could face. Whatever the situation, legal advice is available from a qualified professional who can advise landlords on the best course of action to take before the problem escalates. There may be some simple safeguards or processes that landlords can put in place to help mitigate any risks. However, by trying to tackle a legal issue personally, or waiting to see if it will just go away, a landlord risks making the problem worse, which could result in a more costly outcome.

The stated goal of Tenants.com is to bring tenants and landlords together and make it easy to communicate with each other. A better relationship will benefit both the tenant and the landlord.

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