Make Dreams Come True with All-Terrain Wheelchair by Extreme Motus

Revolutionary wheelchair, Emma X3, now on Kickstarter

The founders of Extreme Motus came together to bring to life a project that would forever change the life of a young girl named Emma, who was tragically paralyzed after an 85-foot tree fell on her and two family members.

Her grandmother and cousin didn’t survive, but Emma did, and today, she’s living out her dreams with the help of one of the first responders who saved her, Extreme Motus Co-Founder Dale Pitts, and their invention, the Emma X3.

The Emma X3 features special low-pressure tires for a better ride, a durable and lightweight aluminum frame, a comfortable seating design for riders, and adjustable handlebars that make it easier to push in all-terrain situations. Altogether, this means that paralyzed and handicapped kids and adults alike can go on adventures like never before.

For example, Emma has been to the top of Mount Timpanogos. Images of the Emma X3 show how easily it navigates beaches, fields, rocky terrain, and more with ease, opening the doors for making even more dreams come true for people who wouldn’t otherwise be able to see the majesty of the outdoors.

Extreme Motus just launched a campaign on Kickstarter. Through this campaign, its creators are aiming to raise the capital needed to mass produce the special wheelchair and make it as affordable as possible.

The campaign aims to raise $100,000 over the next few weeks. If the project is completely backed, then the first Emma X3 wheelchairs will be delivered by January 2019.

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