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DuraTrue comes in a 15mL bottle or as part of an all in one kit.

DuraTrue is a vapable liquid extract made from real, 100% pure American top-grade tobacco leaf. We make this unique liquid through a patent pending process in our ISO 9001:2008 compliant facility, using a natural process to extract the flavor components from real tobacco leaves.

No artificial solvents are used, and the extract liquid is double filtered to remove any leaf particulates. The extract is blended with a small amount of natural ingredients to bring out the more subtle tobacco components. The result is a flavor liquid with no propylene glycol added.

DuraTrue is the ultimate vaping experience because it has the cigarette taste that people want, without all the tar and smells that come with smoking an analog.

This is an all natural product in that no artificial (or synthetic) chemicals are used in the production of this blend. Even the nicotine is extracted from the tobacco leaves in our process.

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