Support Testicular Cancer Foundation this November with Diamond MMA Cup Check Challenge

Diamond MMA, founded to protect sportsmen from groin injuries, has announced that it is partnering with the Testicular Cancer Foundation (TCF) to raise money for supporting the Foundation’s mission. Diamond MMA will be running several campaigns in November towards this cause. 

For every cup purchased in November using the code ‘CUP CHECK’, Diamond MMA will donate $5 to TCF. Another way to make a contribution is to make a cup check video and post it on a public social media account with the hashtag, #DiamondMMACupCheck. The company will make an additional donation for each posted video. In addition, five favorite videos picked up by the team every week will be selected for a audience vote, and the winner of each week will receive a $100 Amazon gift card.

Find out more and how to participate in the Diamond MMA Cup Check Challenge.

Diamond MMA was founded to help protect men from groin injuries, and we are very excited to continue that mission by helping to raise money to support the Testicular Cancer Foundation, the only full-time staffed testicular cancer group seeking to increase education and awareness about the most common cancer affecting males aged 15-34,” said Craig Diamond, Founder, Diamond MMA. 

High impact sports need athletic cups that can withstand and protect the wearer from ruthless attacks. While many cups fail to offer adequate protection, resulting in tragic and grievous injuries to the groin, Diamond MMA cups are designed with a patented 4-strap jock system which offers complete protection. The cup has been designed after years of research, design and testing. The final product eliminates all vulnerable positions, stays in place with zero shifting, and gives the wearer the required confidence to perform at their best. With Diamond MMA, you never need to worry about your manhood again.

About Diamond MMA

Diamond MMA is a sporting equipment company devoted to helping people avoid groin injuries at all costs. We design, manufacture, and sell high-end protective athletic cups and gear for athletes at all experience levels. Our mission is to set a new standard for groin protection in high-impact sports. We’re empowering people to move freely and always perform with confidence.

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