Certified professional career coach launches new book on Amazon that helps readers get their career back on track

Crystal Barrow delivers a powerful narrative that is inspirational, informative, and transformational

White Plains, NY – In the last few years, recession and bad economy have resulted in many people losing their jobs. But all hope is not lost, as long there is perseverance and determination. Crystal Barrow, a certified professional career coach is proud to announce the release of her book on Amazon. The book titled “Get Your Career Back On Track – 8 Steps to Go From Derailed to Empowered”, narrates the author’s journey as she bounces back after getting fired, to become a CEO. The book is very relevant in today’s climate where people are losing their jobs and struggling to find a way to gain control of their lives.

For more information about the author, please visit https://www.shapeyoursuccesscoaching.com/meet-crystal.

“My life has been an amazing journey filled with ups and downs, especially in my career. After getting fired from a previous job I was devastated. I went through so much pain and emotional and psychological stress. But through hope, determination, and commitment to my future I was able to bounce back and now, I am the CEO of my life and career. I want to use this book to help people who are going through a similar situation, to learn how to rise above the circumstances they face and become empowered to move forward” said Crystal Barrow.

‘Get Your Career Back On Track’ is the story of how the author was able to overcome a major setback in her career and become a success. It narrates her struggles, strategies, and efforts to pull herself together in the right frame of mind and eventually excel. The true story makes it practical and engaging where readers can learn how to become who they are meant to be. 

This book couldn’t have come at a better time.  The author is relatable and provides a step-by-step guide for readers to find their true purpose. It is the perfect solution for people who have suffered a career setback or for whom their dream job turned into a nightmare leaving them wanting something better and more fulfilling.

About Crystal Barrow

Crystal Barrow is a certified professional career coach who has helped many people accomplish their personal and professional career goals. She has been featured by Planful as a Woman In Business and interviewed by Anna Runyan, founder and CEO of Classy Career Girl.

For more information, please contact (914) 893-6360, crystal@shapeyoursuccesscoaching.com, or visit www.shapeyoursuccesscoaching.com

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