Z-SYSTEMS Partners with Dr. Al Manesh to Provide Natural Tooth Replacement in Mission Viejo, CA

Z-SYSTEMS has recently launched a new provider program connecting local communities and ceramic dental implant experts to provide natural, metal-free tooth replacement options.

Mission Viejo, CA – 31 Oct, 2018 – Dental implants have been the optimal choice for tooth replacement for decades, due to their durability, strength and ability to function like a natural tooth.  Most dental implants are made from titanium and other metals.  However, with advancements in research and technology, ceramic dental implants (made from zirconia) are now considered the premier choice for tooth replacement.  Z-SYSTEMS’ ceramic dental implants are 100% metal-free, naturally white in color, do not cause tissue irritation or allergic reactions, are more aesthetic and yet still offer all the same benefits of metal or titanium dental implants.

For the millions of people missing teeth, dental implants can absolutely help improve the look of their smile, ability to chew foods and increase self-confidence.  For patients looking for more natural, highly aesthetic and permanent tooth replacement solutions, ceramic or zirconia implants are without question the best option. Furthermore, Z-SYSTEMS is the market leader in the ceramic dental implant space, specializing in only metal-free ceramic dental implant solutions.  Based out of Switzerland, Z-SYSTEMS is known for its innovative products, precision manufacturing and passion for improving peoples lives through its products.

To further Z-SYSTEMS mission in improving people’s lives, the company has invested in an educational website to help people learn about the benefits of metal-free implant dentistry. The site has excellent information on the process, benefits, solutions offered by ceramic implants and includes warnings about issues caused by metal dental products in the body.  To take it a step further, Z-SYSTEMS’ introduction of its provider program that connects local communities to the most experienced and well-trained ceramic implant dentists.  It was an easy choice for Z-SYSTEMS to elect Dr. Al Manesh as Mission Viejo’s and Orange County, CA’s Ceramic Implant Expert.  Dr. Manesh has been a pioneer in zirconia and ceramic dental implants over the last decade.  He even trains other dentists on ceramic dental implant surgeries and restorations.

Dr. Manesh was asked why he chooses to partner with Z-SYSTEMS and he answered: “Z-SYSTEMS ceramic implants allow for easier integration with bone because there is little to no inflammation and they are less likely to loosen.”

To learn more about natural tooth replacement with ceramic dental implants, Dr. Al Manesh and how to contact him directly, visit www.ceramicoc.com.

About Dr. Al Manesh

In 1993, Dr. Al Manesh received his Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry (DMD) degree at Oregon Health Sciences University. After completing his general practice residency at Lutheran Medical Center, Dr. Manesh went on to graduate in 1998 from Louisiana State University’s Periodontal 2-year Postgraduate program with an additional year of implant studies.

In 2007, Dr. Manesh founded the Mission Dental Implant Center in Mission Viejo, California. Not only does he have extensive experience in periodontics and implant surgery, he is also a published author, noted lecturer, and a Fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists. He is also an active member of the American Dental Association, the Orange County Dental Society, the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, the American Academy of Periodontology, and the Academy of Osseointegration.

Dr. Manesh is truly dedicated to providing quality periodontics and implant dentistry. He is constantly learning new techniques and adding to his expertise. He believes it is critical for a surgeon to stay up to date with changes in technology, and he strives to provide the best standard of care for his patients in an environment with the most advanced resources. He founded the Ceramic Implant Institute in 2015 where he teaches professional training courses including how to place and restore holistic-friendly ceramic zirconia dental implants as well as implant-related periodontal and prosthodontic procedures.

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