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The revolutionary new look of fragrance
Webence is a fragrance product imported from Turkey. It is a premium brand that doesn’t just imitate popular scents but actually enhances the essential elements of the particular cologne or perfume it is emulating. The scents last all day guaranteed. One of its best features is that it comes in a convenient pen shaped bottle that hooks to anything from a shirt collar to a purse.

Have you ever found yourself checking for your personal fragrance that you were wearing and didn’t smell it? With Webence, our unique mixtures that are not available from any other party; your problem has been solved. Any of our pastiches (artistic representations) will blow you away after your first trial and every time you use it afterwards just from how long the fragrance actually lasts. Webence Fragrances is making its debut in the United States as a revolutionary new product concept.

A concept designed for the modern human being that likes to have their favorite fragrances at their side wherever they go. It’s the perfect accessory to the modern individual. The unique pen shaped bottle offers extraordinary convenience as it can be clipped to a shirt, purse, pocket, etc. This product is useful for anyone from a doctor to a lawyer to a businessman or a smoker. Frequent travelers will enjoy this as well as they are flight friendly and will not have to be thrown away by airport security. One whiff of any of our fragrances will have consumers hooked and coming back for more. 

The main distinction between this and other impression brands, is the potency of the fragrance. Webence’s signature enhancements of key elements of the fragrance being emulated has never before been available in the market. One other key distinction is how long the fragrance lasts. We can sit here and type paragraphs and paragraphs about how long the fragrance lasts but most people will still be skeptical. We are willing to ship out a free sample to prove our claims. Don’t take our word for it, test it out yourself and give us feedback. 

We are looking for distributors that will be just as enthusiastic as our team at Webence Fragrances. We will offer exclusivity to those distributors in their respective areas. 

We would like to thank everyone at Mr. Checkout for accepting our product and giving us the opportunity to work with such a prestigious and well established network of distributors. We can’t wait to launch this revolutionary product. Start sending those orders in! We are ready!

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