Freldo and Credits: new opportunities and prospects for investors

It’s not a secret, that searching for serious and reliable business partner in the crypto-currency world is serious and complicated work. And good partnership between two quality project, like Freldo and Credits, will definitely lead to good results. Let’s talk about each project and their interaction in details.

Credits — a blockchain platform for business and users that allows to simplify the implementation of various tasks. Any operations on the platform are performed at split seconds, the cost for performing operations is minimal. The technical capabilities, implemented by developed, allow to provide any transactions by means of smart contracts, process and storage them in one decentralized system.

This is the first completely autonomous system, that create services using cycles, graphs and other functions. The unique concept of implementation of contracts distinguishes Credits among other projects.

Credits solves the problem of small payments, such as purchasing of goods in stores, paying for provided services, financial transactions. The platform offers to use the internal crypto currency — Credits CS.

Credits is a unique project with a great future with tools targeted mostly on the financial sphere. However, it could be also used for banking and copyright protection.

Cooperation between Credits and Freldo will be useful and mutually beneficial for both of the parties, as both projects are based on the principles of trust. Business owners can develop their businesses with minimal investments and customers get high-quality and reliable services. Running of ICO this year in August-September was the main step for implementation blockchain technologies and smart contracts on the platform. Freldo network works for the development and expansion of business, where people can exchange opinions, contacts and communicate. Users get reliable information from members of the social network, read their feedback and get information about businesses presented on the platform.

For Freldo, a partnership with Credits can solve the following tasks: when buying a particular good or services, tracking of the true supplier will be available. It will guarantee all the information received is reliable.

Personal wallet with personal code will be created on the Credits platform. It allows to send tokens within the platform and exchange various cryptocurrencies on Credit (CS).

Within the Credits will be available purchase of FRECN (FreldoCoin). The price is 1 CS = 3.87 FRECN

Depending on the volume of the purchase, following bonuses will be available:

Ø от 100 до 500 CS — 10%

Ø от 500 CS and more — 20%

Promising projects who take into account the interests of customers is the most profitable investment.

You can use convenient services, get real income and save time on transactions. The risk of investing is minimal, taking into account the fact that these projects are fully functional and have successful experience in business.

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