Northern Spinal & Sports Injury Offers Patient Convenience, Comfort and Continuity of Care

Melbourne, Australia – Oct. 31, 2018 – No one that’s in pain wants to travel to multiple medical offices for the treatment they need. Northern Spinal & Sports Injury Clinic has solved the problem by incorporating multiple services under a single roof in two locations.

Established over 10 years ago, Northern Spinal & Sports Injury Clinic is a multidisciplinary health clinic located in Melbourne CBD and Reservoir. The team of allied health professionals, that includes osteopaths, chiropractors, physiotherapists and podiatrists, offers care to address the source of patients’ problem and pain.

Osteopathy works with the interconnectivity of all aspect of the body, from bones and nerves to circulation and internal organs. The clinic’s osteopaths Reservoir utilize a variety of natural, hands-on techniques that treats the underlying causes of imbalances, dysfunction and pain that can result from stress, illness and injury. Osteopaths can increase mobility and range of motion, provide pain relief, reduce blood pressure, improve circulation and remedy spinal and postural problems.

Chiropractor Melbourne CBD provide relief for a wide variety of pain and joint dysfunction arising from accidents, nerve-related problems and incorrect posture. The body encompasses numerous complex links, all of which affects one another. The clinic utilizes advanced technology combined with hands-on strategies that restores optimal functionality, improves movement, and boosts overall wellbeing.

Many people assume that physiotherapy is only for those with a back injury, but physiotherapists treat individuals of all ages that experience physical problems due to disease, injury, illness and aging. Treatments may include joint manipulation and mobilisation, along with therapeutic massage that can be used as a stand-alone therapy or combined with other options. Physiotherapy Melbourne CBD helps minimize the potential for injury, provides rehabilitation, and assists with injuries resulting from sports and occupational causes.

Podiatry is essential for the elderly, those with diabetes and arthritis, and the disabled. Podiatrists treat bone, skin and nail problems of the feet, ankles and legs. They heal infections, treat fractures and overuse injuries, and relieve pain. Podiatrists Reservoir can prescribe unobtrusive orthoses to alleviate problems from corns, calluses and bunions, improve stability, and address conditions common to people with occupations that require them to spend excessive time on their feet.

One of the most effective treatments to build core strength, maintain flexibility, and improve movement is clinical Pilates. The low-impact, customized exercise is tailored to the needs and abilities of the individual for rehabilitation, pain relief, and to improve overall joint function. Clinical Pilates Reservoir is also effective for those with respiratory problems and to reduce the potential for injury. It’s safe and beneficial for pregnant women before and after birth; with pilates classes in Melbourne CBD.

The health and wellness treatments provided by Northern Spinal & Sports Clinic are appropriate for individuals of all ages. The availability of highly trained specialists under one roof provides patients with convenience, comfort and continuity of care.

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