Costa del Grillo Farm is a Model of Sustainability and Natural Harmony

Founded four years ago, Costa del Grillo Farm has become an example to the world that sustainability and environmental harmony are not only desirable but economically sensible. Using the ingenuity of a handful of academics and the resources of the rich farm land, the Costa del Grillo Farm team intends to build a StrawBale Farmlab.  This powerful model will use groundbreaking recycling and environmentally friendly technologies to generate electricity, hot water and heat.  The facility itself will be constructed from locally found resources like straw and horse manure.

The StrawBale Farmlab will do more than serve as a farm facility with stables, it will serve as a shining example to the world that human habitation can coexist in harmony with its surroundings.  By using local materials and innovative, sustainable technologies, StrawBale Farmlab is demonstrating in a powerful and poignant way that communities everywhere can dramatically limit their impact on the environment.  These new technologies include Rocket Mass Heaters which offer greatly improved heat distribution from firewood and the ARETHA System which provides hot water.

The Costa del Grillo Farm would like to begin building the StrawBale Farmlab in the spring of 2015, but they would like the public to be involved in this historic project. By donating to their €20,000 Indiegogo campaign, you will be helping make this step towards a healthier and safer world possible. You may also receive perks like printable calendars; lavender oil; lavender water and bag gift sets; or Adventure Days on the farm. You may also be able to help this project by spreading the word on Facebook or Twitter.

To learn more about Costa del Grillo Farm, or to make a financial pledge, please visit

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