Multi-Platform Game “Aero’s Quest” Offers Unique Gameplay and Adrenaline Pumping Excitement

Video games have evolved into a major component of the entertainment industry, producing billions of dollars in profits.  Among the most successful of these independent game developers is Soloweb N.V. Studios which has produced blockbuster games like “Amazing Genesis” and “The Labyrinth”.  Soloweb N.V. Studios is currently developing a major game “Aero’s Quest” for PC, Mac, Linux and console systems.  The company will present a demonstration of “Aero’s Quest” at the electronics conference PAX South in San Antonio, TX during January 23-25, 2015.

This exciting game will allow players to traverse a multitude of 2-D levels while overcoming challenging structures and obstacles. The gameplay is enlivened by beautiful and intricately designed background terrains, engaging sound effects and appealing music.  Like many classic games including Donkey Kong and Super Mario Bro, “Aero’s Quest” will appeal to gamers of all ages, especially young players and those nostalgic for older games. 

Among the many milestones it has reached, “Aero’s Quest” was recently accepted for distribution through the Steam platform. “Aero’s Quest” has completed HTML5 design and is almost fully designed, but the development team is asking the public to help bring this project to completion.  To finish this important project by the 2015 spring deadline, Soloweb N.V. Studios will need an additional $30,000.  In return for your generous support, you will receive perks like posters, T-shirts, goody bags, game hard copies, hoodies or special editions of “Aero’s Quest”. 

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