Marketing Consultant Tavis Bucklin Reveals What Every Entrepreneur Can Learn From Hollywood Celebrities

In a recent article authority marketing expert Tavis Bucklin explains how small businesses can mimic a celebrity’s ability to be seen in the news. Bucklin explains how this type of authority positioning works and the many benefits it can bring.

Hollywood celebrities are experts at creating and maintaining their personal brand, and small businesses could learn a lot form the methods they use. At least that is the opinion of Tavis Bucklin in his latest article, “Hollywood Celebrities Forging the Path for Your Small Business.” According to Bucklin small businesses should mimic a celebrity’s ability to be seen in the news constantly. As he mentions in the article, “We see them and read about them everywhere. This creates a connection and builds what we know as celebrity status. In business today professionals can create a similar connection with prospects by developing their personal brand.”

For Bucklin, there is no substitute for a strong brand, and even the smallest businesses can create an effective brand. The key is establishing the brand and then maintaining the brand’s presence in the consumer’s mind, much like a celebrity does, with their fans being their consumers.

The article defines what a brand is and then describes the benefits of having a brand for a business. A primary benefit is being able to establish a difference with competitors. Even businesses that offer similar products and services can set themselves apart by having a strong and recognizable brand.

Much of the article centers on what is known in the marketing industry as “Authority Marketing.” Authority Marketing is the notion that consumers gravitate towards those they view as authorities in their field. If one establishes themselves as an authority, they have a competitive advantage. Bucklin ties this notion of Authority Marketing to the maintenance of a strong brand by explaining how a brand can help business owners establish and maintain authority in their given niche, and thus attract customers, increase profits and expand market share.

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