Entrepreneur Lisa Williams Reaches Best Seller Status and Has Plans to Help 500 Entrepreneurs Become Best Selling Authors in 2015

Lisa Williams is the President of Media Authority Marketing and is an expert media & positioning strategist. Williams has been helping other entrepreneurs become bestselling authors and authorities in their fields with the help of media positioning.

Media Authority Marketing’s Lisa Williams has been very busy lately. The Los Angeles-based entrepreneur is continuing her work in the field of authority marketing by helping entrepreneurs get positioned as the authority in their field, helping them get published and becoming bestselling authors.  In the midst of that activity she found the time to write four books of her own, and publish two both are best sellers and one an international best seller.

Williams helps her clients become what she calls, “the educator and advocate” in a specific niche in their industry and reach new levels of success. Her innovative strategies have been embraced by entrepreneurs in many fields. What sets Williams apart is the comprehensive nature of her strategies that tie in old and new marketing approaches. Her recent focus has been on what has come to be called “Authority Marketing.”

The philosophy behind Authority Marketing is that the public at large pays more attention to someone they consider an authority or expert in a particular field. Williams teaches clients that the one of the best way to establish oneself as an authority is to have a book published and to have that book appear on the best sellers list. As she recently stated, “It has been a busy couple of months, but I am excited to help entrepreneurs and professionals grow their businesses by just altering their marketing techniques and positioning them so their prospects seek them to work with instead of my client’s seeking prospects.” In fact, Williams has set a goal of helping 500 business owners become bestselling authors by the end of 2015, and if her current workload is any indication, that is a very attainable goal.

Williams has always been the type to lead by example and even in the midst of all helping her client’s, she found the time to write four books for herself and join the ranks of best seller status. Her “Become An Elite Girl Basketball Player: is an invaluable guide for girls from 8 to 17, who want to take their level of play to the highest levels. This book ranked #2 on the best sellers list, right behind Michael Jordan’s most recent book on basketball. 

Her other three books speak directly to the process of establishing authority through publishing. The recently published, “Get Published & Grow Your Business” makes a clear statement about the power of publishing as it relates to business growth and profits, and the book has already become a #1 best seller in three categories on Amazon, and recently became an international best seller.

William’s next two books will be published soon and will also speak to specific aspects of Authority Marketing. “Take The Elevator Instead Of The Stairs – Become An Authority In Your Industry” and “The Authority Broker” will both offer valuable new insights into the power of Authority Marketing, and will no doubt help entrepreneurs, coaches, speakers and licensed professional establish themselves as the person to work with in their field.  

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