Young Cerebral Palsy Sufferer is Seeking an Operation that Will Improve Quality of Life

Wojciech Wójcik was born with cerebral palsy which is a movement disorder found in about two percent of newborns.  Wojciech Wójcik has not only endured this debilitating condition for his entire life, but he has also excelled.  He graduated from school before working as a professional in his home of Krakow, Poland. Despite being limited to a wheelchair due to his worsening left foot, Wojciech Wójcik has maintained his upbeat attitude and is hopeful that his condition will improve.

Wojciech’s left foot has deteriorated in the past six years, forcing him to use a wheelchair for fear that the deformed bones in his appendage might break.  Should his foot be damaged further, he may be forced to amputate. In order to remedy this, young Wojciech is attempting surgical correction of his foot. He has found a surgical team in Germany which offers the greatest hope of success, but there is still an enormous risk that the surgery could end without a positive outcome. However, without this surgery Wojciech Wójcik will likely never stand on his two legs independently.

The cost of this surgery is high, and there are additional costs like travel, hotel, hospitalization and living expenses. In total to have this surgery, Wojciech Wójcik estimates he will need €50,000. To raise these funds, Wojciech Wójcik has sponsored a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. By contributing to this important project, you will be much improving the life of a deserving young man. If you are not capable of making a financial donation at this time, please consider sharing this campaign with friends on Facebook or Twitter. 

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