RayMing Introduces Borderless PCBs and PCB Prototypes with Quick Turnaround Times

The printed circuit board (PCB) is the core of electronic hardware which runs today’s digital world. That’s the reason why RayMing PCB & Assembly has been set up, to make PCB manufacturing a no-hassle experience for everyone. The company has emerged as the preferred source for high quality PCBs, from one-person start-ups to Fortune 500 clients!

Among its innovations, RayMing PCB & Assembly offers prototype PCB fabrication and assembly for borderless printed circuit boards. Borderless Boards is a new and unique PCB technology. For prototype circuit boards, RayMing fulfils all client expectations, from single or double-sided FR4 boards to blind and buried, unique material boards, metal core or heavy copper boards, rigid flex or flex PCBs, etc.

As a PCB manufacturer, RayMing has developed a vast portfolio with qualified manufacturing and assembly partners (including HDI PCBs). The company can thus meet virtually any PCB requirement at any time. Whether for low or high volumes, cheap PCB prototypes for hobbyists or cost-effective PCB prototypes for global brands, RayMing has ready-made solutions for everyone.

The turnkey prototyping comes with extremely quick turn times (sometimes as fast at 21-24 hours), and that makes RayMing unbeatable for supplying PCBs faster than anyone else. The turnkey solutions include PCB prototyping, PCB layout design, PCB prototype fabrication, and PCB assembly. Depending on the technology, these can be assembled within 24 hours.

By using our vast network of fully qualified partners we can offer our customers Borderless Boards providing them with whatever printed circuit board technology and service they require. If you can’t find it anywhere else it’s time to contact the experts at RayMing,” said a spokesperson for RayMing.

An efficient, cost-effective and long-lasting PCB can make consumer technologies and innovative products more competitive with superior performance. RayMing wants to ensure that no customer goes without the best piece of printed circuit boards in their gadgets.

For more information, please visit: https://www.raypcb.com/

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