Hediard\’s “The Forest of Wonders”, Christmas 2018 Collection is now available!

Every year since 1854, Hédiard celebrates Christmas with the same passion. With an intact requirement of its founder, a pioneer in new flavors creation, Hédiard aims at finding the most refined food and the rarest products to offer unique collections colored by prestige, know-how and tradition. Spices, fruit jellies, freshly roasted coffee, biscuits, spirits, exotic fruits, fruit compositions will decorate with magic your festive tables.

Every ingredient and product is carefully selected around the world and then turned into exceptional dishes by the Hédiard‘s experts.

To imagine this collection of Christmas 2018, Maison Hédiard has drawn inspiration from the confines of the forest. A world gourmet and surprising at the same time where mushrooms, berries, nuts and aromatic plants reveal a bouquet of flavors at the origin of authentic and daring recipes.

Through delicious creations designed to enchant your holiday tables, “The Forest of Wonders” pays tribute to nature and sharing.

Fig from Solliès with Raspberry Vinegar Confit (chutney)

To develop this new confit recipe, Maison Hédiard has teamed up with the “Meilleur Confiturier de France” 2004, Philippe Bruneton, recognized for its slow cooking method in copper basin that preserves all the original flavor and texture of the fruit. Made from purple figs of Solliès A.O.P freshly harvested between late August and early October and known for their red flesh and very fragrant, this recipe is enhanced by a touch of raspberry vinegar.

The sweetness of the fig together with its acidulous note allow a successful association with a whole duck Foie Gras from Maison Hédiard.

Net weight: 100g – Price = SGD 17.90 incl gst

Paris Mushroom Cream with Summer White Truffle 3% Delight (spread)

Maison Hédiard invites you to discover a forest world with this delicious alliance between the Mushroom of Paris and the white summer truffle. This recipe, made from fresh Parisian mushrooms and white summer truffle (Tuber aestivum) harvested in Italy, reveals a smooth texture and an intense fragrance.

Illustrating Hédiard’s savoir-faire in refinement, this festive wedding can be enjoyed on toast or as an accompaniment to white meats.

Net weight: 105g – Price = SGD 14.90 incl gst

Raspberry, Redcurrant and Cranberry with Heather Honey Fine Jam

Produced in collaboration with France’s best confiturier in 2004, Philippe Bruneton, this recipe combines raspberries and currants from France with a French heather honey, a honey with a dark red color particularly well-known for its strong taste and light bitterness. This combination of the subtle acidity of red fruits and the sweetness of honey reveals a particularly balanced and fragrant bouquet of flavors.

Thanks to a slow cooking method, cranberries preserve all their texture and give this jam a true “Christmas spirit”. A jam to enjoy at breakfast or as an accompaniment to savory dishes such as game, poultry or cheese.

Net weight: 230 g – Price = SGD 29.90 incl gst

Candied Chestnuts in Syrup made with Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar

Cultivated in Italy, these chestnuts were slowly candied according to a traditional method in a syrup infused with Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar.

A true treat that can be used in the cooking of your Christmas logs or simply enjoyed with a scoop of vanilla ice cream as a dessert.

Net weight: 250 g – Dry weight: 150 g – Price = SGD 39.90 incl gst

Pure Butter Biscuits with Dark Chocolate Topping

Made in Liguria on the Piedmontese border, these delicious shortbread biscuits covered with a thin layer of dark chocolate take the form of mushrooms and fir trees in tribute to our Collection.

Individually wrapped, the 7 mushroom and 8 fir shapes biscuits will go wonderfully with the Tea Fruits of the Woods for a gourmet Christmas Tea Time.

Net weight: 140 g – Price = SGD 43.90 incl gst

Assortment of 15 fine chocolates in a Book-Shape Box

In this elegant gift set you will discover an assortment of 15 chocolate candies combining ganaches with berries and pralines.

The tradidional hazelnut pralines and nut pralines from Perigord combined with gourmet ganaches & honey, chestnuts and succulent fruit ganaches (raspberry, blackcurrant, red currant with pieces of violet).

Net weight: 170g – Price = SGD 69.90 incl gst

Assortment of 20 Fruit Jellies (Wild strawberry – hazelnut, chestnut, loganberry, blackcurrant) in a Book-Shape Box

Maison Hédiard introduces you to an assortment of 20 fruit jellies consisting of four flavors specifically developed as part of our collection “The Forest of Wonders”:

  • Wild strawberry with hazelnut chips from the South of France
  • Chestnuts vanilla flavoured
  • Raspberry from France
  • Blackcurrant

A gift set celebrating the delicacy of the forest and know-how of Maison Hédiard in terms of confectionery.

Net weight: 200 g – Price = SGD 52.90 incl gst

Truffelines (Praline and Cracks of Crepes) Chocolate Candies

Entirely redesigned for “The Forest of Wonders”, this little hat box contains the traditional truffles from Maison Hédiard: truffles with a unique recipe of chocolate praline hazelnuts from France and nougatine.

Its secret – slim fine cracks of crepes – brings to these melting truffles a remarkable crispy note.

Net weight: 150 g – Price = SGD 49.90 incl gst

Forest Fruits Tea

As part of the collection “The Forest of Wonders”, Maison Hédiard has selected a green tea with delicious aromas of berries: redcurrant, wild strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, blackcurrant, cherry…

A subtle marriage of flavors decorated with pieces of strawberries and redcurrant to enjoy with the fruit jellies or biscuits from the Collection.

Net weight: 90 g – Price = SGD 39.90 incl gst

Peppery Fir Cordial

Handcrafted by a syrup maker, this syrup is made from an infusion of those young growths of spruce, picked by hand in the Chevreuse Valley in Ile-de-France area, black pepper from Sarawak and a hint of fresh lemon juice.

This peppered pine syrup can be eaten with fresh or dried goat cheese. It can also flavor a fruit salad, a tea or a cocktail.

Net weight: 250 ml – Price = SGD 27.90 incl gst

Sumptuous Compositions

Since 1935, Hédiard has created throughout the year and especially for New Year’s celebration, a collection of sumptuous compositions to offer. Custom-made according to a specific expertise, the Hédiard grocery and confectionery compositions awake senses and delight gourmets, whereas offered as a prestigious gift, a generous gesture, or a simple sign of affection.

Available online at https://www.hediard.com.sg/christmas and at our usual locations here


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