New and Unique Token El Rey to Be Launched In the Early Months Of 2019

ELREY is a decentralized investment platform that utilizes the Ethereum blockchain, reducing 3rd party interaction, whilst pledging a transparent operational process.

Nov 20, 2018 – Founders and developers of the latest and most unique token, El Rey, have announced that they would be launching their ICO early next year (February 2019 is the target). The launch of El Rey would be focused on the new application building, with the founders collaborating with Visa and Master Card to produce an El Rey Debit Card.

The El Rey platform was designed by a team of financial experts and developers as a contribution to the emerging world of e-payments and cashless transactions. The new token would use Ethereum based ERC-20 token regulated by Smart Contracts and designed to focus on the future of application development and technology payment for the purpose of creating a safer and saner method of transaction both at the in-stores and e-stores.

El Rey is unique and comes with so many never before seen features; For instance, users of the platform can securely store, send, and receive El Rey tokens, integrate their existing crypto wallet to keep track of their investments and even track coins by adding them to your watch list. This wallet would be every users’ first point of contact with the crypto world, as it is seamlessly integrated with the terminal.

The El Rey tokens can also be easily accessed by users for easy crypto transactions. Users can carry their tokens with them at all the times, with the ability to spend or withdraw their tokens for everyday fiat transactions.

El Rey Tokens would be sold in five stages; private and pre-sales, and stages one to three sales, with the private sale value set at $1.00, the pre-sale value set at $1.30, and the final stage sales value set at $2.00.

For more information on how to purchase and be part of El Rey, go online to

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