Entrepreneurs In Their 20s Are Rockin’ The Marketing World

Here’s what happens when two women in their 20’s merge their very successful businesses and form a new company that really knows marketing. It’s called the Best Damn Biz Team. Founded by entrepreneurs Mara Glazer and Amanda Goldman-Petri, The Best Damn Biz Team is the only virtual assistant and social media marketing agency run by marketing experts who really know their stuff.

Mara Glazer began her work as a social media marketer as part of her father’s company, Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle (GKIC). During her time there, she had access to the top marketing experts in the world, and she put that access to good use, learning all she could as quickly as she could. All that learning paid off – in less than 278 days, she generated an additional 7 figures in income using social and alternative media alone.

Amanda Goldman-Petri began her work as a virtual assistant with her own company, Virtual Amanda. Within 4 months, she had led that company to its first $10k month and has continued to serve small business owners with her virtual assisting services.

Now, these two women have joined forced to form the Best Damn Biz Team. Their team uses Glazer’s and Goldman-Petri’s knowledge of marketing best practices and strategies to free up their clients time and help produce great results for their clients. One client spent $1,000 on Facebook ads and, with the help of the Best Damn Biz Team, leveraged that investment to bring in $100,000 worth of sales. Another client paid just $300 and brought in 10 times that amount, all through social media.

The Best Damn Biz Team has over 25 trained, highly-qualified contractors on hand to help meet the needs of each client – from website development, to marketing, to copy writing, to graphic design. The team does it all, working within each client’s specific brand.

But it’s not just about branding or financial success for these two successful entrepreneurs. The best part of their work is “sharing in the excitement that clients have when the strategies we help them implement produce a real ROI for their business.”

To find out more about The Best Damn Biz Team, visit their website: http://www.bestdamnbizteam.com

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