Zen Athlete Provides Mental and Physical Training for Athletes

Zen Athlete helps athletes achieve their highest potential, push their limits and perform their best by teaching them how to master the mental game of sport. The Zen Athlete is a world class and state of the art high performance mental training program for athletes that are both simple and powerful.

Zen Athlete was founded Matthew Belair who created this company out of a curiosity of what the human body and mind is capable off.  He comes from a background of martial arts and has utilized what he has learned to bring out the maximum ability of his mind and body. He was trained by Bruce Lee and has researched in various fields such as, meditations, sports performance, neuro-linguistic programming, the law of attraction and many more.

Mathew talks about his mission for Zen Athlete, “My mission is to popularize the mental game of sport and bring the philosophy of martial arts, which is the development of mind, body, and spirit to all sports and help athletes achieve their highest potential in sport and life.”

With Matthews’s knowledge of such a wide variety of fields and his unmatchable experiences, Zen Athlete is working to bring the best out in people. Zen Athlete believes in hard work and that is exactly what it specializes in. It believes in the power of what different fields of study can come together to make of the human experiences; fields such sport psychology and human performance. They believe that an athlete’s best performance comes from them pushing past their limits not once, not twice, but an infinite amount of times. They train you to become the best at the sport of your choice which in turn they hope will allow you to elevate your mind, body and spirits limitations.

They have worked with the likes of Brodie Carmichael, who succeeded in the world’s first front flip heel clicker and the front flip superman on his motorcycle after just a few short weeks Zen Athlete.  They provide one-on-one sessions with budding athletes along with training, seminars. These services are also available for teams and organizations. They guarantee an extensive training experience that will help you understand more of what you are capable of as an amalgamation of your components such as your mind, body and spirit.

Matthew Belair has also written a book named “Zen Athlete: A Guide to Self Mastery” in which he hopes to make his techniques and knowledge more easily accessible to the world.  Zen Athletes website also has testimonials of their success from people that come from all kinds of walks of life such as entrepreneurs, motor cross riders, snowboarders, parkour athletes and many more. Their book comes with CD’s that use binaural beats to help program your subconscious.

So if you are struggling with being the best at your passion then Zen Athlete will take you far. To get you started on your journey, they are currently offering four free video lessons.

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