The established system of stress management is challenged. Treat the mind, not the brain. New book – Fearless Thinking, Stress-Free Living leads the way

Unique mental health guide, Fearless Thinking, Stress-Free Living: A Life-Changing Solution for Peace and Happiness authored by Purandar A. Amin Hits Amazon

November 21, 2018 – What a woman under stress can do when in a situation Like Prof. Ford? The whole world witnessed the emotional turmoil of Prof. Christine Ford in the confirmation hearing of Judge Brett Kavanaugh. What can a woman do when under the stress of exposing a deeply buried lifelong pain? 

Fearless Thinking Stress-Free Living by Purandar A. Amin

Mr. Purandar A. Amin in his recently released book “Fearless thinking, Stress-free Living, Guaranteed (Almost)’ suggests an unconventional approach of the reverse thinking. This non-conventional thinking is freeing from external influences by removing old conditioned mind, separating oneself from the emotional state. Mr. Amin shows us the state of energy patterns and being aware of these patterns before getting into the situation.

Mr. Amin further states that contrary to the misconception that humans use the mind, it is the mind that almost every time uses the individual. He challenges thinking patterns and established conventions in a bid to encourage readers to search for the not so apparent causes of the stress. He affirms what is generally understood as the causes such as financial, relations or health and how they are not the causes but the symptoms of the pre-conditioned mind.

He also talks about the fact that most people are unaware of the conditioning of the mind, which leads people to think in the certain patterns that create stress. To him, thinking is a disease until the individual takes conscious control of the thinking. He takes into the construction of the mind beyond thoughts and emotions.

Some of the author’s unconventional thoughts in his words are as follows:

  • Poverty is a necessity for some to learn how to climb up and wealth is necessary for some to learn how to come down.
  • You cannot know your genuine needs. All you know what you want. Both are different.
  • Anger and jealousy is the cry for something that you do not have. Find what you want.
  • Marriage has conditions. Conditions can fail and so will the marriage. Delete the conditions.

Fearless Thinking, Stress-Free Living is currently available on Amazon and Barnes & Nobles. It is currently up for free downloads from the 26th of November down till the 30th

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