Backed By Clinical Experience and Science, Toronto Cosmetic Dentist Shares Insights Into What Makes Smiles Beautiful

Over 20 years’ experience of improving smiles, enabling oral health and enhancing the lives of thousands of Canadians, have positioned Dr. Weiss perfectly to offer expert advice on what makes a smile truly attractive.

Art of Dentistry, home to Toronto cosmetic dentist Dr. Sol Weiss, and one of the leading providers of general and cosmetic dentistry services, has been a powerful ally to Canadians on their quest for dental perfection. Drawing on many years of clinical experience and continuous cosmetic dentistry education, Dr. Weiss says there are 5 main components that make a smile beautiful: the position, size and color of teeth, gum aesthetics, and buccal corridor dimensions.

“Smiles are incredibly powerful as research has continued to reveal over and again. From multiple health benefits such as relieving stress, reducing blood pressure and heart rate, boosting the immune system and elevating mental well-being, to socio-psychological ones. But in order for people to be able to tap into these opportunities, they need to feel confident with their smile, and while everyone might have a different definition of a beautiful smile, research and experience can teach us the basic rules and what we should aim for. My favourite part about my job is being able to combine art and science to give patients beautiful and functional smiles. Just imagine that the cheeriest of people smile about 40-50 times a day and the average person does so about 20 times. At Art of Dentistry, we are committed to making those smile shine!” they explained.

The most attractive smiles have various aspects in common, including white, unstained, straight, evenly spaced, not overlapping teeth. The two top front teeth are usually expected to be larger than the rest, but at the same time overly large teeth can negatively impact the aesthetics of a smile. Art of Dentistry recommends straightening overcrowded, and crooked teeth with Invisalign, before porcelain veneers.

When it comes to gums, healthy looking tissue is critical to an attractive smile. The ideal situation would be one where a smile would reveal the majority of teeth and form a fine arc which sweeps back into the buccal corridor. Dr. Weiss and his team can help with a number of procedures, from laser gum treatment to smile design and makeover.

About Art of Dentistry

Located at the very heart of Yorkville, Dr. Sol Weiss and his team have been providing high-quality general and cosmetic dentistry, including smile makeovers, Invisalign, porcelain veneers, dental implants, teeth whitening, preventative care among many others, to residents of Toronto and surrounding communities. The practice offers high-end services in a spa-like setting, where patient-centricity and continuous improvement are guiding principles. Dr. Sol Weiss has been widely recognized across Canada and the wider North American region, due to his professional skill set, extensive experience, special training, and well-developed aesthetic judgment.

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