NCAA Elite college scouts are eyeing Murad Islamov as a top prospect

College scouts have been eyeing the young prospect for a few weeks now. Murad Islamov a graduate of Central High School has been in the press lately due to his ability to dance with the soccer ball.

Murad Islamov is noted an attacking player. His key roles are to orchestrate the offense and create the gap to score. The key advantages Islamov has is his vision to create space, The ability to sprint in fast-paced oppositions. The ability to change direction simultaneously and control the ball with ease. Noted that Islamovs preferred strong foot is Left, as he can also use his right. The nineteen-year-old weights 155lbs and stand at 5’10’. Murad Islamov has similarities to the big players in the world. This athlete really shows his true potential.

Murad Islamov is a common example of a top 5 prospect in the United States to compete. The attacking striker always moves his position to create space, and the hunger he has to the game of soccer is unreal. As it all comes with athletes, they also have weaknesses, Murad has some, but he can improve that as he trains. Murad Islamov who blew up on his social media accounts posting various jaw-dropping skill working with the ball gained millions of people viewing his work and getting noticed by major news companies publishing his story. We will see in the upcoming months, what Murad has under his pocket. The Turkish attacker is hungry to score, and we know for sure, wherever college he goes to, know that He is going to become a goal-scoring machine.

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