Dave Morrissey Jr Delivers a Personal Powerhouse Performance in New Comedy CHARLIE BOY

“Dave Morrissey Jr. plays Joey “Shakes” Trikonis opposite star Greg Kritikos in the new comedy feature CHARLIE BOY with Kelly Le Brock as Donna and Burt Young as Luca, directed by Timothy Hines, produced by Susan Goforth, executive producer Dominick Mart”
In the new Comedy movie CHARLIE BOY Dave Morrissey Jr. plays a man whose life is thrown into turmoil by the addiction problems of his loved ones. This has a very personal meaning for Morrissey Jr.

ABOVE: Dave Morrissey Jr as Shakes in the new comedy feature film CHARLIE BOY. Pictured with (L) Greg Kritikos (Charlie Boy) and (R) Annunziato Carbone (Tommy G).

In the new Comedy movie CHARLIE BOY, Dave Morrissey Jr. plays a man whose life is thrown into turmoil by the addiction problems of his loved ones. This has a personal meaning for Morrissey Jr.

“Charlie Boy is important to me because, yeah, it’s hilarious, but the film and my role Shakes also deal with grief and the loss of loved ones.  My older brother William passed away in 2016 from addiction. Like many of the insanely talented people involved with Charlie Boy, I aim to bring honor to the loved one I’ve lost, and dedicate my performance and any success to Will,” Morrissey Jr. explains.

ABOVE: Dave Morrissey Jr. (Shakes) and Greg Kritikos (Charlie Boy) hustle to solve the problems of friend Tommy G before the mob send him six feet under in the comedy feature film CHARLIE BOY.

Dave Morrissey Jr. is an American Actor, Producer, and Musician.  He grew up in Long Island, New York, and began acting on stage in the early 90’s, beginning with the Long Island Shakespeare Festival’s production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.  He has performed in regional theaters all over the country, most recently starring in Godspell as Jesus in Sanibel, Florida.  In 2017 he starred in indie film One Life to Give (as well as its 2018 sequel, Traitor) as spymaster Benjamin Tallmadge, helping earn the film nominations and one win in the Long Island International Film Expo, including best feature and best Director.  He has also appeared in Mr. Robot (2017), Bull (2017), Late Night with Stephen Colbert (2018), Civil Defense (2018), Grave Secrets (2017), A Crime to Remember (2017), and many other films across New York City.

ABOVE: Dave Morrissey Jr. as Shakes in the feature film comedy CHARLIE BOY starring Greg Kritikos with Kelly Le Brock as Donna and Burt Young as Luca, directed by Timothy Hines and produced by Susan Goforth.

Dave started producing with Bluebox Theatre Company, a company he started in Long Island, where he produced six plays and directed one.  Since then, he is Associate Producer for Future Proof, a sci-fi immersive theater interactive transmedia series, as well as The Hidden Ones, an immersive World War 2 show currently in an open ended run in Times Square.

Growing up, he studied under Broadway Veteran Deborah Dotson Livering, Casting Director/Producer Jeff Passero, and his parents, Terri and Dave Sr., who met doing Man a La Mancha on Long Island.  

Dave Morrissey Jr. plays Charlie Boy’s loyal friend and ally in CHARLIE BOY, based loosely on stand up comic, Greg Kritikos’ real life.

ABOVE: Kelly Le Brock plays Donna, Charlie’s ex-wife whose son was killed in the accident that maimed Shakes (Dave Morrissey Jr.) in the upcoming comedy feature film CHARLIE BOY.

The movie follows the story of straight and sober recovering mobster Charlie Borakus. Charlie now works as a standup comedian and, after many years of recovery and giving back to his beloved community of Astoria, Queens New York, he is still burdened by the guilt of his son’s death and friend Shake’s (Dave Morrissey Jr.) maiming due to Charlie’s drinking, drugging and negligence of the past.

So when good friend Tommy G’s gambling problem surfaces to the extreme and Charlie’s prior mob boss Big Angie moves back into town, Charlie’s benevolent attitude and knack for doing all he can to help others, plus with the loyal help of Shakes, they turn misfortune into laughter and save the day.

ABOVE: Dave Morrissey Jr. (Shakes), Greg Kritikos (Charlie Boy) and Annunziato Carbone (Tommy G) stirring up a whole heap of trouble in the comedy feature film CHARLIE BOY.

Charlie Boy director Timothy Hines says, “Dave Morrissey Jr. has it – that “it” factor where you can’t take your eyes off of him. Dave’s a consumately trained actor but one who has also found his game. He really understands his craft and everything he brought advanced the storytelling of Charlie Boy. I would work with Dave again and again.”

ABOVE: A fixture of New York City theater, film and TV, Dave Morrissey Jr. has a breakout role as Shakes in the upcoming feature film comedy CHARLIE BOY.

“We needed something very specific for the role of Shakes in CHARLIE BOY and I can’t tell you enough how delighted I am to have found Dave Morrissey Jr. for this very special co-starring role,” comments producer Susan Goforth who is producing CHARLIE BOY alongside Greg Kritikos. Goforth adds, “When I first saw Dave’s work I instantly knew we found our Shakes. Morrissey Jr. is perfect alongside Kritikos’ Charlie Boy and, combined with Frederick Stroppel’s comedic writing, the leadership of director Timothy Hines and executive producer Dominick Martini and a heaven-sent cast and crew, and I knew CHARLIE BOY would turn out a winner. I can’t wait for the world to see this one get knocked out of the park.”

ABOVE: Director Timothy Hines directing the feature film comedy CHARLIE BOY, pictured with (L) line producer Katerina Olkhovaya, (Center) actors Pascal Yen-Pfister (Lazlo) and (R) Teddy Smith (Detective Frank Mazzulo) and Domenico Del Giacco (Mikey Greco).

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