Daydreamer video game features something old, something new

It’s a throwback to classic games like Alien Soldier and Gun Star Heroes but adds modern technology and special strategy.

Daydreamer, a new video game created by Roland Womack, combines the best of old and new technology.

“It’s a monster-killing, side-scroll shooter throwback to classic games like Alien Soldier and Gun Star Heroes, but you play as a crystal child,” explains Womack.

Daydreamer is the story about a transcendental clairvoyant crystal child named Olivia, who awakens from a hyperbaric chamber on her home planet. The planet was taken over by evil aliens thousands of years ago and is a dangerous place with radioactive warfare, genetically-mutated aliens and giant bugs.

In her sleep, Olivia is confronted by an alien who tells her that she must seek out and save her brother. Soon after she awakens, the game begins.

“Aside from jumping, climbing, running and shooting that is common to all platform games, there are also ‘spirit animals’ that support character mercenaries and give the player a tactical edge amongst all the chaos,” Womack says. “The game is very boss-focused, and plays through like a classic arcade shoot-’em-up with off-road checkpoints similar to Metroid.”

The look of the game is primarily pre-rendered Common Gateway Interface (CGI) sprites, which gives Daydreamer a classic feel – but with modern features.

Daydreamer - Pic 1
Daydreamer – Pic 1

Womack is convinced that gamers of all ages and styles will love this new, highly original, creation but he needs their financial support to get the project up and running. The estimated budget of $65,000 covers graphics and coding, taxes, licensing, Q & A development and rewards.

To generate this capital, Womack has launched a Kickstarter campaign, which can be viewed at The Kickstarter page includes five video samples as well as music clips.

Donations of any amount are welcome. Backers who contribute $8 will receive a digital copy of the game. All donations $40 and above will include a special thanks in the credits. An $80 pledge is rewarded with a digital copy of the game plus a signed Daydreamer T-shirt. $100 donations will also get a signed poster. And higher donations will be able to contribute to support characters and boss designs.

“Experienced gamers will appreciate the throwback style of Daydreamer and the many innovations that make it fun to play,” says Womack. “And I think everyone will love the graphics, music and special strategy that is involved.”

For additional information, visit or the Daydreamer website,

Womack can be reached directly at

Daydreamer - Pic 2
Daydreamer – Pic 2

Daydreamer - Pic 3
Daydreamer – Pic 3

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