Glitzkoin Supports World Diabetes Day Event

“Ms. Lila Hussain Business Development Director at the Glitzkoin sponsored Diabetes Awareness Event in Malaysia.”
Ms. Lila Hussain represented Glitzkoin at the World Diabetes Day event in Malaysia. Navneet Goenka CEO of the Glitzkoin diamond blockchain project, confirmed that participating in community related events, were an essential responsibility. There are more diabetics in Malaysia as compared to other Asian countries. Spreading awareness about preventing and managing diabetes is extremely important.

Ms Lila Hussain (Director Business Development) represented Glitzkoin at the ‘Diabetes And Senior Citizens Health Day’ event at, Felda Neram 1 in Terengganu (Malaysia). The event was held to raise awareness among senior citizens regarding, the causes, control and preventive measures related to diabetes.

Yang Berbahagia Tuan Haji Abdul Hamid, Manager of Felda Neram 1 was the guest-of-honour. Dr. Mohammad Hassan Ahmad,  Medical and Family Specialist at Cheneh Government Clinic also graced the occasion. The event coincided with World Diabetes Day and the clinic provided, medical checkups to senior citizens at no cost.

Ms Lila had this to say about the event, ‘… Glitzkoin is keen to support events that help society in general. CEO Navneet Goenka has taken up similar projects in India and Malaysia, the objective is to help the less fortunate in our society. Business prosperity and society cannot exist as two disconnected entities, social responsibility is as important as making profits …’

The counter that provided health checks and related advice at the event, was crowded all through the day. It was heartening to see senior citizens being concerned about their health. Besides providing advice on risk factors that could lay the foundation for diabetes, health specialists also shared tips related to the control and management of diabetes.

Ms Lilla Hussain mentioned that, ‘Community days are a great way of getting a message across because they’re often so positive and cheerful and you have a captive audience. Glitzkoin is indeed delighted to be part of such meaningful events’.

Blood sugar levels are an important aspect of diabetes, participants at the event were explained about the characteristics related to Type I and Type 2 diabetes. The relationship between food and blood sugar levels, were effectively demonstrated. Participants were encouraged to have, their blood checked before and after a meal. Breakfast was provided to all participants. It was truly heartening to see the interest shown by all the attendees. Lack of awareness can not only lead to diabetes, it can also increase the severity of diabetes among existing diabetics.

November 14 marks World Diabetes Day each year, it was WHO (World Health Organization) and IDF (International Diabetes Federation) that highlighted the importance of such a day. November 14 also happens to be the birthday of Sir Fredrick Banting, one of the persons responsible for the discovery of insulin in the year 1922. Intense research conducted by Sir Fredrick and Charles Best, led to the discovery of insulin in 1922. This turned out to be one of the biggest breakthroughs in the control and treatment of diabetes.

Navneet Goenka perfectly summarized the Glitzkoin approach to help communities and society he said, ‘… Glitzkoin is really not related to the health industry, the project is focused on improving the diamond industry. Having said that, we are very lucky to have management and staff, who are willing to help the communities in which we live and operate. We will continue to seek events and areas where we can be of help. I would also call upon other corporate houses to play their part to improve society and help the less fortunate’.

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