Groundbreaking MMORPG My World Launches on Kickstarter

Innovative new game will offer an immersive war-based experience in which players get to control their own destinies.

Groundbreaking war-based online multiplayer game featuring a never-before-seen level of customization and gameplay.

My World has just announced that it will soon go live on Kickstarter, giving gaming enthusiasts and investors around the world a first peek at the groundbreaking new MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game).

The war-based game will spawn players at a Mother Base where players will control their destiny within the World Map’s battlefield by implementing defensive & attacking strategy’s and much more.

While this might sound like some of the games on the market today, it’s the My World feature list that makes it so unique.  

Players will have an unparalleled level of customization in terms of their avatars, homes, and much more. Ranked realms offer fair gameplay that’s not seen in other games. Ranked realms mean protection for lower level players, allowing them to build up without fear of more tenured players coming in and destroying their hard work.

Another unique feature of My World is that players can play offline. My World’s offline mode lets players continue playing if they lose signal, and when their signal returns, their progress is automatically uploaded to ensure continuity. Other unique features include personalized avatars with gestures. In addition, players can enjoy challenges and championships to win resources and medals.

My World will be free of annoying advertisements, making gameplay that much more enjoyable.

The starting game wont be the finishing game; The My World team have lined a whole load of future updates, bringing in all new content to the game which will drive new challenges and dynamics, to the vast ground breaking game. 

The app is being developed in tandem with Appster and will be available for both Android and Apple devices.

Anyone looking to invest early and be among the first to play My World can pledge at Kickstarter. Pledgers can receive perks such as being part of beta testing, having their name in the credits, diamond packs for in-game use, and signed artwork from the My World team.

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