Hubiz Audio Gaming Console Launches on Kickstarter

Hubiz combines the joy of classic board games with leading-edge technology

The Hubiz Audio Gaming Console has just officially launched on Kickstarter, giving the world a first look at the brand new infusion of board games and technology.

The Hubiz Audio Gaming Console features a hub with connected dice that serve as controllers for up to 16 players. The Hub asks questions, and players can use their dice to answer by rolling or pressing its buttons. A connected mobile app lets users choose the game they want to play from six categories, as well as set the rules for the game they choose.

Players can choose from quiz games, guessing games, learning games, dice games, memory games, and test games. One Hubiz console means that people can de-clutter the closets of their old board games and use one simple, easy to use console. Since it’s wireless, Hubiz is that much easier to play.

Hubiz can be taken anywhere for fun gameplay on the go, and it can even be used as a personal voice assistant, which the Hubiz team calls a “party assistant.”

Hubiz is Bluetooth compatible and rechargeable for the ultimate in convenience.

The Kickstarter campaign has already raised over $8,000 of its nearly $40,000 campaign goal. Pledgers are receiving exclusive perks such as early bird versions of the Hubiz, discounted Hubiz consoles, extra dice controllers, and more.

The Hubiz Audio Gaming Console’s Kickstarter campaign is raising capital for production and shipping, with the first deliveries being made in August 2019. More information on the Hubiz Kickstarter campaign, as well as details on the Hubiz Audio Gaming Console and dice, can be found now at

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