Release of the first major content update for Dungeons of Tal’Doria

Embargoed for Release until November22, 2018, at 3 p.m., UTC

BRUCHKOEBEL – Nov. 22, 2018 – Dungeons of Tal’Doria, a sandbox exploration Action-RPG game on Steam Early Access, is getting a new major content update on 22th November. After the content update, there will be a Sales discount of 20% on the game starting from 22nd November 2018. The  discount will last for 7 days which is to celebrate the big patch which includes Crafting and new mobs(Monsters).

Since the release of Dungeons of Tal’Doria on Steam Early Access in July, SuneX Games have put out small patches, which have included things like new biomes and skills. Now they are ready to release a whole crafting system and more content. This update provides over 500 different recipes for cooking, weapon and armor crafting, alchemy and more. Also a lot of new NPCs, which will give hints, some hints for secrets and assist the player with professions, six new soundtracks and a new monster type, the notorious slime, will join the journey. Combined with skills for each class

“After the release on Steam Early Access, we received a lot of feedback and were able to fix major problems within the first weeks by providing small updates and balancing fixes.” said Tobias Mittelstädt, the CEO of SuneX Games and Lead Designer of Dungeons of Tal’Doria. “This update adds a lot of more content and also the resources you were able to gather have now a real purpose.”

Dungeons of Tal’Doria is currently available on Steam Early Access for $19.99 and can be played with up to four players.

For more information visit the official Discord Server or follow Dungeons of Tal’Doria on Twitter and Facebook.


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SuneX Games is a young German-based company with a small international team with a strong passion for game design and development. The company started operations in May 15, 2014 and was founded by Tobias Mittelstädt, with more than 7 years of experience in game development, and Jakub Derbich, Business intelligence Developer, both high passionate gamers.

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