Global Yoga Clothing Market is estimated to reach from $2758 Mn in 2016 to $3239 Mn by 2021.

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Global Yoga Clothing Market Overview:

The focus to a healthy living has taken prime importance in our lives. From hitting the gym, to an everyday walk, to morning jogs to massages, humanity has turned every activity to contribute to the health and well being of the individual. And with the endorsement of Yoga by celebrities and other influencers, it has taken a strong stand in the minds of customers. Yoga being a controlled form of exercise focussing on flexibility and strength, demands the body be clothed comfortably, but not lose enough to distract the individual from the exercise. Thus, the concept of yoga clothing was invented to counter this problem. Made of a blend of spandex, cotton, nylon and polyester, these clothes can be worn in general while working out as they accommodate stretching and twisting with ease. High elasticity and flexibility govern yoga clothes.

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The global yoga clothing market was valued at $2758 million in 2016 and is expected to have an incremental growth to $3239 million in 2021 with North America dominating the market extensively. Asia Pacific is expected to be a close leader with its increasing focus on yoga trends, rising urbanization, and increase in disposable incomes. Big players like Adidas, Nike, Reebok exist globally apart from which there are many regional and local players. Adidas is said to rule the Europe market with its sports yoga line, while globally the brand Under Armour garnered 70% of the global yoga clothing market in 2016. The market is volatile to the raw material cost, and this leads to the product being priced at wide ranges. This and the fact that there are no regulations to the quality, allows local players to barge in who are more concerned with increasing their product portfolio that will sell rather than focus on quality. Primarily though, this market is organized. 

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Comfortable athletic wear that is both casual and serves the purpose was long due. Extending its application beyond exercise wear, yoga pants are being used on an everyday basis as well. This has led to organizations to work on innovating the product and change it to suit the evolving need. From yoga tights to boot leg pants and lycra tops and bottoms, the options are plenty. Available across the globe at stores, yoga pants are not tough to find, and with a unisex plethora of options available in a variety of sizes and colours, the market is not expected to slow down anytime soon.

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