Dr. Akin Kolade produces “Loving Daniella” a Heartfelt New Film That Takes Aim at the African Mental Health Stigma

ProAscella Productions and Films present a new film that addresses the stigma associated with mental health issues on the African continent. The film explores what it is like to suffer from a mental condition in a society that would rather not known about it.

By Zoey Thompson

Las Vegas, NV – Dr. Akindele Kolade, MD is a board-certified psychiatrist that has provided treatment for adults and children suffering with mental health related conditions for over twenty-five years. In that time, he has developed his own conscious and compassionate modalities to help treat this population. His success as a psychiatrist and a businessman gave him the ability to travel and experience the world around him. His journey as a human and his unique position as a mental health professional has given him the experience and the knowledge to communicate what it means to have a mental health related conditions in a way that others gain understanding and empathy. A true renaissance man, Kolade has written articles and scripts, as well as, produced films that he believes in. His latest work, Loving Daniella, comes from his company, ProAscella Productions and Films and details what it is like to suffer from a mental health related condition in Africa.

“I’m very proud to be a part of a film like Loving Daniella,” says Dr Kolade. “The US has made great strides in how we perceive mental health issues, but other parts of the world still have some room to catch up. Mental health conditions shouldn’t be a stigma; they should be viewed like any other illness. We’re trying to use art as a format to communicate this and change how people think of these conditions.”

A successful practitioner, Dr. Kolade has worked with patients who have been able to manage their conditions and even see them as something that gives them a unique perspective on life rather than something they should be embarrassed by or hide. He says that his purpose has been to impact humanity in a positive way, and, he hopes, in a fun way. His various projects have all had poignant notes to them, but in the end, he is able to not only instruct through art but also entertain.

“Those of us who are medical professionals often look at our jobs as a scientific pursuit, and I think there is a place for that. However, we are meant to be more than that. As much as we are scientists, we are also artists in the human experience. Our compassion is not clinical, but it is necessary to healing,” says Dr. Kolade. “My path on this Earth has always been to help others. What I have discovered over twenty-five years of practicing medicine is that when we help others, we usually discover that they are right there helping us.”

The movie “Loving Daniella” was nominated in three categories and won in one category at the 2018 Las Vegas Black film festival in Las Vegas. It premiered successfully in Antigua and Barbuda and was well received at public screening also in the Antigua-Caribbean Cinemas. The major premiere will take place in Lagos, Nigeria February 2019 with distribution all over Africa and beyond by Blue Pictures. 

More information about this project and behind the scene events can be found at:

Facebook fan page: www.facebook.com/lovingdaniellamovie/

More information about Dr. Kolade at http://www.drakinkolade.com/

More information about his practice at http://www.calpsychiatricservices.com

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/soH8FoKPNoM

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