Vancouver Drug Rehab Centre Highlights Key Addiction Findings For Canadian Men In Latest Report On The State Of Public Health

The Chief Public Health Officer’s report in 2018 has published concerning statistics and trends, particularly among youth substance abuse, but Inspire Change Wellness wants people to analyze results from a different perspective.

Inspire Change Wellness, a highly regarded addiction treatment centre dedicated to men across the area of Vancouver, is dedicated to helping Canadians overcome substance abuse and lead healthy and productive lives and raise awareness of the gender-specific risks that men face. Data from the latest annual report on the State of Public Health in Canada1 reinforces findings consistent with years of research revealing how much more susceptible males are to misuse deaths and addictive behaviours.

The Vancouver-based rehab centre wants to continue to raise awareness of the gruesome facts and statistics and reiterate their commitment to offering access to superior rehab services to every man who chooses to get help.

“We understand the huge likelihood of men falling victims of addiction. Surely, there are no gender boundaries whatsoever when it comes to this disease, but each have different needs, risk factors and experiences. Learning that alcohol is the leading cause of death among Canadian men aged 15-49 years, that about 11 Canadians die every day of opioid abuse and most of them are men over 20 years old, are painful reminders that there is so much more that needs to be done. We strive to make our communities better, safer and healthier places the best way we know how: by offering customized treatment plans for recovery that allow mental, physical and spiritual healing, in an effort to curb those gruesome statistics,” a key Inspire Change Wellness representative commented.

The 2018 report also found that there is little awareness among Canadians when it comes to risks associated with opioid and alcohol use and abuse. As few as 28% of Canadians admitted to being able to recognize the signs of an overdose and a shocking 10% know how to obtain and administer naloxone, a medicine used to block or reverse the effects of overdosing, while a continuous majority of men view alcohol as socially acceptable, even when driving.

Inspire Change Wellness encourages every man who finds themselves struggling with an addiction or having a close someone at risk to contact them at (888) 277-2145.


Inspire Change Wellness Addiction Centre for Men fully comprehends the need for a safe and supportive environment for men undergoing alcohol or drug addiction treatment. Intense social pressure, stigma and gender-specific experiences have been core motivating factors to establish a place that can focus on tailor-made approaches and provide the appropriate skillset to resolve underlying issues and facilitate a healthy recovery. The centre offers treatment for a variety of substances, including alcohol, heroin, methadone, cocaine, prescription drugs and opioids, amphetamines, meth or marijuana. Their programs are developed with a holistic touch which treats the whole person and are adapted to each person’s set of challenges and individualities.

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