Citronella Oil Market Strategies and Outlook Analysis to 2022

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Citronella Oil Market Overview:

Derived from the citronella grass, also called the Cymbopogan Nardus, it is one of the most important essential oils in the industry. It has flavour additives and is used in fragrances and perfumes. It contains more than 80 components like geranial, limonene and citronellal of which most of them are good insect repellents. Colloquially known as ceylon citronella oil and java citronella oil, is a major component for the perfume industry. Perfume and cosmetic industry are its major sources of revenue. Apart from which, it is also known to be a healing agent that reduces stress and anxiety. It further helps treat internal and external wounds as well. It is also used in detergents, polishes soaps, cleaning components and other industrial products.

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What is the size of Citronella Oil Market?

The market is expected to grow sluggishly and will valued at USD XX million in 2018 and is projected to reach USD XX million by the end of 2022, growing at a CAGR of XX% during the period 2018 to 2022. The global citronella oil market is divided into 6 regions – North America, Latin America, Asia Pacific, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, and Middle East and Africa. Barring Japan, Asia Pacific holds the largest market owing to its high involvement with essential oils in their cosmetic industries and otherwise. Usage in medicines and aromatherapy has also boosted sale in the region. It is also a big market for exports. Sri Lanka, India, China, Java, Taiwan, and Indonesia are top producers and exporters of this oil. North America and Europe are close to follow in terms of the market share. Latin America is also known to project a stable growth rate in the coming years. 32.03% of the citronella global market is the Java variant while 67.97% is the Ceylon variant according to a 2017 statistic.

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Key Players in Citronella Oil Market:

Meena Perfumery, KIC Chemicals, Reho Natural Ingredients, Bio Extracts Pvt Ltd., Van Aroma, KK Enterprises, Gramme Products, Aromacare Herbals etc.

Citronella Oil Market to have bright future in the food and beverages industry?

The global food and beverage market are new in adopting the citronella oil. It takes about 38.16% of the global share currently, while as an essential chemical element in perfumes and other repellents the market share is around 45.73%. 16.11% includes all other forms of usage like candles and aroma therapy. Available in natural and organic forms, the natural form is expected to have substantial growth in the coming years and taking over three fourths of the citronella market. Online sales of the product also have picked up recently to register 4.8% growth from previous years. Extensive use in the perfumery and insect repellent industry is expected to keep the market growth at premium position.

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