Helming The School Of Fabulous, Image Consultant Yelena Jackson Makes Her Clients Shine

Image consultant Yelena Jackson of The School of Fabulous gives her clients a professional edge with personal flair.

Image consultant Yelena Jackson of The School of Fabulous (www.TheSchoolofFabulous.com) specializes in making her clients look their best so they can concentrate on being their best.

“The School of Fabulous teaches ambitious professionals and entrepreneurs how to align their external style with their ideal internal self-image, so they can skyrocket their confidence, stand out, and achieve their desired results in business, life, and love,” Jackson says.

Working with Jackson and The School of Fabulous, clients can expect to: turn heads; learn how to make people take notice; experience skyrocketing self-confidence regardless of age, shape or size; save time, money and their sanity by learning how to shop effectively; improve their relationship with their clothes and start enjoying getting dressed; harness the power of their image to position themselves as the authority in their respective fields.

“I care deeply about my clients’ success and I’m passionate about their journey of self-discovery through style. I want to educate people on style and how to make great decisions when it comes to shopping – so they can save time, money and their sanity,” Jackson says. “Style has the power to transform your life. When you look fabulous, you feel fabulous, so you act fabulous and you attract everything you wish for.”

As her clients gain attention for their well-put-together appearance, Jackson and The School of Fabulous get their fair share of attention as well. In 2012, Jackson joined the Association of Image Consultants (AICI), the world’s premier image organization. In addition to serving as Vice President for Communications with AICI, Jackson was named Chapter Member of the Year in 2014.

When one client was being an honored with a Federal 100 Award for outstanding work in her field, she called Jackson in a panic over what to wear to the black-tie awards gala. An important professional and personal moment for her client, Jackson says, she went above and beyond to insure that her client looked her best.

“I worked with her in person and virtually to put together the perfect ensemble. From the little black dress to the exact makeup colors and everything in between, I took care of every detail so that she would look and feel absolutely fabulous on her special day,” Jackson says.

Jackson’s work paid off for her client in more ways than one.

“When she thanked me for making her feel so comfortable and beautiful and making the process so easy for her, she admitted that without my help she would have declined the Gala invitation,” Jackson says. “To me, that was a true moment of happiness and showed me that I was doing exactly what I was meant to do. I helped my client confidently step into her light and celebrate her achievements. That is priceless.”

For client Melana Lashinsky, co-creator of the JV Insider Circle and the JV Experience, Jackson’s image consulting services gave her an unexpected edge in her professional life.

“Lashinsky plays with the big dogs in a male-dominated market and always felt like she had more to prove as a woman in her field. So, she downplayed her femininity and tried to look older and more serious,” Jackson says.

A common mistake when it comes to image presentation, Jackson helped Lashinsky develop a personal style that was unique, professional, and true to her sense of self.

“After working with me, she felt that she looked like the successful, confident, feminine powerhouse that she really was,” Jackson says. “She started to love networking, too, because she felt like she could walk into any room, attract the right kind of attention, and achieve any goal she had set. Looking fabulous transformed her life!”

With The School of Fabulous, Jackson hopes to help even more clients transform their lives through improving their personal style.

“Looking good is a sign of respect for yourself and others; an indication of attention to detail and caring about results,” Jackson says. “First impressions are formed in mere seconds and influence our decisions immediately. Looking good has direct benefits.”

For more information about Jackson and The School Of Fabulous, visit www.TheSchoolofFabulous.com

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