Universal Music Publishing Group Executive Creative and UNICEF Ambassador Leland DeWayne Seen Leaving Henderson Executive Airport

As fires raged throughout California’s Ventura, Santa Barbara, and northern Los Angeles counties, prominent Californian and entertainment visionary, Leland Yeshua DeWayne, spent his weekend home in the tranquil West Coast deserts of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Henderson, Nevada – Leland DeWayne is an affluently distinguished local figure to the western United States whose energy has reached a multi-city depth across the entire nation. His creative direction consistently oversees the initial productions, involving a mass variety of projects, within many of the foundational Hollywood Californian area industries. He is a highly noted West Coast philanthropist and worldwide visionary director.

“While away from home his primary focus is geared towards some of his many ongoing world leadership projects such as Los Angeles Industry Ambassador for UNICEF, United Nations Young Leaders Consulate, ASCAP Ambassador to the United States Congress, as well as his engagements in a variety of projects abroad. Universal NBC News Washington D.C. [associate] Shomari Stone confirmed, ‘DeWayne has been involved in many non-profit projects and works closely with a variety of government agencies in the United States and overseas promoting populous welfare through the creative arts”.’ (Bloomberg).

Outside of his own enterprising, Leland engages heavily in several board member projects with organizations such as the Recording Academy’s MusicCares and former First Lady Michelle Obama’s WhenWeAllVote. For many years the executive has been an annual attendee of charity fundraiser events including the Clara Lionel Fnd.’s Diamond Ball and the New York Metropolitan Museum’s Met Ball Fashion Gala. “Leland DeWayne is also a stakeholder and partner in renewable energy technologist Elon Musk’s Tesla and SpaceX companies” (Armani Japan). His primary work and focus on the West Coast is the United States’ entertainment mega-industry. Universal Studios is North America’s largest full service entertainment company and one of the largest conglomerates operating worldwide. As an Executive Creative, DeWayne works close with top vocal artists and musicians belonging to the company’s music catalogue. Leland has put together creative concepts for entire album collections and world tour concept productions, through his associations with Live Nation, for artists such as: Rihanna, Jay-Z, Taylor Swift, Drake, Katy Perry, Ariana Grande, and a multitude of others.

Leland DeWayne began his industry professional music career as an intern for the Universal Music Publishing Group. The pro bono apprenticeship, which was the first of many, came to the musician as part of a packaged deal that L. DeWayne signed in spring of 2010, after personally negotiating a ‘3-year optional’ Artist Development contract with the Universal/Def Jam Records Group. As autumn of 2011 approached, the young intern had quickly built up his professional profile within the mega corporation. During his beginning twenties, DeWayne worked for Universal Music Group subsidiary Fontana Distribution in Chicago, USA. Fontana became tasked with handling all international album distribution and royalty processing. Universal sold Fontana in late 2012 to a UK based global technological distribution company. In that small office of downtown Chicago’s southeast Loop, DeWayne gained his extensive music business knowledge in digital distribution and marketing. Most then-major multimedia entertainment companies in the United Kingdom, Europe, and Asia had began integrating digital distribution into music, television and film. Those technological advances allowed many foreign entertainment powerhouses early capitalization on the growing trend of ‘expedited user availability’. And, less than two years later DeWayne would become one of the youngest Recording Executives at Universal Music Group. And, after a decade of U.S. Commodity inflation, the emergent competitive digital streaming market is now flourishing in North America.

Leland Yeshua DeWayne was born in the nation’s Mid-West region in the capital city of Des Moines, Iowa. Having grown up in a very musically inclined family, the executive creative’s involvement in the musical arts began during his adolescence. His pre-elementary education includes that of his birth town’s most prestigious Montessori. There DeWayne wrote his first congruently superlative poetry excerpts at the early age five. Leland practiced piano, horns, and percussion in his elementary years and learned to proficiently read and write music by age seven; he was a member of the marching band and orchestra at his local public junior high school. During his adolescence in Iowa he performed with the region’s national competitive drumline, the Isiserettes. In his pre-teen years, he traveled and performed in events and competitions all over the country including: a variety of NBA, NFL and MLB halftime shows, as well as, Presidential Inaugurations, city sponsored holiday parades, state fairs, and government balls. The creative’s Senior High School studies included advanced Radio and Television, advanced English, Business Marketing, and advanced Computer Technology. Furthermore, he was an active member of student council, the yearbook committee, head of the school website and radio station; he was a participant of the school’s tack and field, football, and basketball athletic teams.

In his late teens DeWayne moved to the major American city of Chicago, Illinois. The young adult intended to achieve both personal and business success in the American music industry. Leaving his $38k a year Client Retention Analyst position with a global New York-based insurance brokerage and risk management firm in pursuit of his own dreams. He supported himself solely through his musicianship and self-taught trade skill in audio sound engineering. And, he also briefly studied Architecture and Musical Composition at the Art Institute of Chicago. After running low on finances, due to supporting his own education and travels as a regional musician, the young artist found himself living in the notorious death laden “Killing Fields” of the South Chicagoan neighborhood, Englewood. Leland DeWayne worked in Chicago’s Southside with various music oriented community outreach programs promoting the education of music arts, including non-profit organization Cease Fire Chicago. It was there that he began his now lifelong work with various charities and religious organizations encompassing the fine arts.

2009 brought him from Illinois back to his home state of Iowa. A year after New York entertainment mogul Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter bought the Def Jam Records imprint in 2008, the company launched their nationwide A&R Talent Auditions and Showcasing Tour. The young engineer had been assiduously working with various major artists all over the region, including: Bone Thugs N’ Harmony, Slipknot, Anita Wilson, and the Chicago Mass Choir. Various Chicago music industry executives helped DeWayne bring the Def Jam auditions to his hometown of Des Moines. He personally met with industry representatives from Def Jam, Universal, Sony, VH1, and BET companies. Shortly after, Jay-Z Carter sold the Def Jam recording company and the following year it merged with Island Records becoming a UMG subsidiary, the Island/Def Jam Music Group. Leland returned to Chicago that spring beginning an exclusive “volunteer” position at a futuristically-converting digital distribution company; accompanied by a trivial IDJ/Universal music contract. DeWayne spent the following years developing and expanding his music business knowledge before finally moving to Los Angeles, California. Slipknot band member DJ StarScream was leading production of the budding artist’s debut mixtape at the time. In 2011 these two Des Moines Iowan natives opened up a joint recording studio that year on California’s Venice Beach.

“Representatives for the executive said, Leland DeWayne believes strongly in molding the individual creativity of [Universal Music Group’s] artists and looks forward to guiding the evolution of music as a whole into the new age. Leland DeWayne has also been witnessed earlier this year attending the opening screenings for Marvel Studios Avengers: Infinity War and Disney Pictures/Lucas Films Star Wars: A Solo Story. […] The executive is also frequently seen at various coffee and cigar shops in the area, such as Lone Wolf Cigar Company & Lounge. TMZ associates have spotted him on various weekday mornings at Santa Monica Pier along with the cities earliest fit-driven beachgoers. […] On weekends at home, he is usually one to be found quietly entertained by a select of his many friends, some of the Hollywood neighborhoods top tier young professionals.” (Renewable Energy World).

Concluding personal travels in Tokyo, Japan, Leland returned stateside attending the UN Day event October 23rd, at the United Nations Headquarters, Manhattan and the TidalX Brooklyn charity event at the Barclays Arena, Brooklyn later that night. His Twitter post, tweeted October 30th, stated the executive attended the recent Apple Event held at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. He checked-in on social media using the Foursquare Swarm app; goe-tagging the hunted former house of Mark Twain in a November 1st post captioned, “we survived… 12 hours in the House of Death NYC… #Halloween18!!!” DeWayne clarified on his personal Twitter page, he rented the house for a fun ‘spooky’ night with his close friends. (Twitter).

The creative, who spent the fall and early winter in Europe and America’s eastern coast, returned to the Los Angeles area attending the People’s Choice awards on Sunday, November the 11th. Santa Monica’s Barker Hangar hosted the awards ceremony. And, he spent the prior week attending various meetings in Manhattan and leaving The Office of the United Nations Secretary General on several occasions. Also, attending the Los Angeles’ Staples Center where he spectated the Clippers verses Golden State Warriors basketball game Monday, November 12th before leaving for Las Vegas the following day. At the MGM Grand Arena, the Thursday evening before Thanksgiving Day, he attended the Latin Grammys in downtown Las Vegas. DeWayne spent his remaining time on the West Coast at his secondary home in Henderson, Nevada. The young executive often stays at his private gated-residency during various times throughout the year. He enjoys visiting with his grandmother and golfing with his neighboring great uncle who also holds a prestigious private Country Club residency. Since it’s 1998 opening, various Hollywood personalities such as Celine Dion and Tatyana Ali have mortgaged Anthem Country Club private home residencies. Recent encounters with Hollywood paparazzi and DeWayne’s seasonal features in various magazines have kept the furtive executive low lying; assumedly in preparation for the upcoming year. And, he has stated, “the dyer climate helps with [his] asthma” especially during the autumn and winter months when the California wild fires are at their peak occurrence.

“L. DeWayne’s finance feature in the world governmental print magazine is the first formal publication regarding the quiet executive’s new non-profit organization ReTreat Corp. WREC/WREN representatives verify the young ambassador’s non-profit organization, as recognized officially with UNICEF by UNESCO, was founded spring of 2017. World Renewable Energy (Congress) Network is a UK based non-profit ancillary of the United Nations (UN) special agency UNESCO. The agency acts as an intermediary and liaison of non-government and governmental organizations, belonging to all countries around the world, aiding in diversified global intelligence operations. WREN operates at peak effectiveness; with a Governing Council including an Executive Director who reports to the United Nations Deputy Director General. The organization’s journal publication “Renewable Energy” world magazine has listings to over 52,000 government-subscribed offices around the world. UN magazine. In addition, it is available online for all readers and digital subscribers” (Perfect Investor).

When asked about his views on renewable energy, the executive stated, “Renewable energy just makes sense. Whether it even effects the planet or not. A renewable anything makes more sense than a perishable or non-renewable something.” (UNESCO).

In response to the California Wildfires he stated to local Las Vegas reporters, that “The fires happen in California around this time every year. It was a little too close to home for myself and many of my friends. And, to the rest of the country it may sound very simple to just water the dry forest all year round. The largest most economically capable city in California happens to be built right on the beaches of the Pacific Ocean. The city’s technological millionaires could build a facility to desalinize the water into fresh water. But the costal oceanic waters are polluted with many harmful toxins. Marine mammals are being birthed with PCB organochlorines, PBDE fire retardants and DDT pesticides in their DNA. Human Global Degradation, including climate change, is something humanity as a whole is needed to address. No one governing body has the ability to fix this.”

Las Vegas media journalists, who spoke with DeWayne, photographed the Executive Creative leaving Las Vegas from the private Henderson Executive Airport near Anthem, Nevada. At approximately 1:20 pm PST, Leland DeWayne boarded a chartered Lear Jet G650 flight heading east Wednesday, November 21, 2018.

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