Darryl Edwards of Primal Play Releases Animal Moves Deck, Card Game That Promises To Make Fitness “More Fun”

LONDON, ENGLAND, UK – November 26th, 2018 – Following the success of the #1 bestselling book Animal Moves by Darryl Edwards, which introduced a groundbreaking workout program based on performing functional and primal movements seen across the animal kingdom, Darryl Edwards  decided to condense the book’s wisdom into a fun fitness  game, termed the  Animal Moves Deck.

This fitness-themed deck features 54 high-quality, casino-grade playing cards that provide a comprehensive system of movement, fun and games. The Animal Moves Deck cards includes 36 bodyweight exercises; warm-up, cool-down, mobility, and posture routines; 13 example workout games, as well as concise  usage and movement instructions. The company notes that the example workout games serve as a reference, as Animal Moves Deck players can make seemingly endless workout routine combinations by shuffling the deck and picking out cards at random.

The Animal Moves book began a worldwide movement where people wanted to go back to the basics and draw inspiration from the locomotion of animals in the wild in order to break out of the rut of standardized workout routines,” said Ms. Eve Jones, Primal Play media representative. “With the Animal Moves Deck, we are taking the book’s premise to another level. The deck is lightweight and portable and makes for a great exercise guide that can be used anytime, anywhere – be it at home, the studio, or even outdoors! The cards combine cardio, strength and agility exercises to boost power, conditioning and flexibility, and an entire workout session can be built from combining any number of them. The Animal Moves Deck has already received great reviews, and we can’t wait for it to travel to the hands of fitness enthusiasts from around the world!”

Tim S., a satisfied customer, wrote of the Animals Move Deck “Already did a couple of workouts with the animal moves fitness deck. It gives you a bunch of movements you can combine into a long or short workout adjusted to your fitness level. If you want to mix things up you should really give these a go. Nice work Darryl!”

The Animal Moves Deck can be purchased at AnimalMovesDeck.com

To learn more about Primal Play, please visit: www.primalplay.com

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