A New System Called Atlas Objective Will Be A Succession Of Daily Missions Functionality In Path Of Exile: Betrayal

With the new feature of the upcoming Path of Exile: Betrayal called Atlas Objective revealed, there is no doubt that the game will be becoming more intriguing. This Atlas Objectives system, generally considered as a succession of current Daily Missions, is designed to reward both players who consistently play every day, but also players who just play a lot of Path of Exile.

Path of Exile_Betrayal

Path of Exile’s update 3.5 and the new Betrayal League will be released in two weeks. Meanwhile, Grinding Gear Game has been elaborating every new feature coming with the new update. Today, we have something new to offer about Atlas Objectives. The Old Masters have vanished and been replaced by League Masters like Niko(Delve), Alva(Incursion), and Einhar(Bestiary).

Specific Available Masters Locations on Atlas of Worlds

Niko the Mad (Left) the Master in Delve Leagues; Alva Valai (Right) the Master in Inclusion Leagues

The different Leagues have integrated into the core game and have replaced Daily Missions. Atlas Objectives, the new system, showcases different markers on the Atlas of Worlds where a Master may show up. A mission that is available in that section will be refreshed every day. Randomly Encountering Masters is still kept alive and an option on the go. So have no worries about that.

Atlas Objectives will show up each day after the release of the new update, however, they can also generate when a map is completed. Depending on the last map run in the corresponding league, the map tier that the Atlas Objective generates will be altered accordingly. Assuming an Atlas Objective has been offered for one Master but you still have another one for different Master, then the preexisting Master will shift to a new location.

Path of Exile’s Betrayal will release on December 7 for PC, while being available for Xbox One and PS4 until December 10. The game itself was confirmed to release on December 7 for PS4 as scheduled. So stay tuned for more information on what’s coming with Betrayal.

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