The New Santa is Waiting to be Crowned in the New Fun Game, \’Naughty Xmas\’

Dear kids and adults, Santa is about to retire. It’s sad but true, but here is the good news: you could be the next Santa! This Christmas, the new card game, Naughty Xmas, will let everyone play a fun, friendly and competitive game, and the winner will be crowned the new Santa. To win the game, all that’s need to be done is: be the one to distribute the maximum gifts.

Away from the smart phones and dizzying screens, Naughty Xmas is played in 12 rounds, each representing one hour of the original Santa challenge (read below to know more). Opponents want to win too, and will thus use clever ploys, sabotage and strategies to slow others down and give them speed. The player to distribute the most gifts gets to become the new Santa, unless stopped in the way by other players.

Strategic cards allow players to progress and hinder others. These include Bad Cold, Wrong Address (shout it loud), Hole in the Sack or a Dreadful Gift. But heroes never give up, and help is around in the form of cards like the Athletic Reindeer. Now that gives the player one extra move on every turn till the game ends. Then there is Boomerang, that returns a Naughty card (you can throw it on the player!).

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Meant for kids ages eight and up as well as for teens and adults, Naughty Xmas is easy to learn (takes only seconds to learn the simple rules), and comprises 177 game cards and a manual. Each game lasts a comfortable 30 minutes and can be played by 2-8 players.

But what happened to the original Santa? Naughty Xmas tells us that story. On December 24 at the North Pole, while the Xmas Ltd factory was buzzing with work, Santa summoned his staff. It turned out that the many years of riding the sleigh in bitter cold had made him tired, and his gift giving days were numbered. To choose his successor, Santa came up with the gift distribution challenge for the next 12 hours, which later became the Naughty Xmas card game.

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