Global Summit Forum Launched by Famous Investor Jiahao Zhang in the U.S.

On November 21st, 2018, the American Chinese Experts Association, America-China Investment Promotion Association (ACIP) and Sino-US Weekly jointly held a press conference in Los Angeles, announcing that the 1st Global Summit Forum will be held in United States next September. The theme of the forum is: global wisdom, transboundary integration, innovative cooperation, and a win-win future.

The Mayor of San Gabriel, Qinhe Liao; Assistant Sheriff of Los Angeles County, Zhongguo Wu; Mayor of Monterey Park, Dajian Lin; Professor of American Chapman University, Wenshan Jia; Professor of American Western University, Jijun Hao; President of ACIP and famous investor, Dr. Jiahao Zhang; President of American Chinese Experts Association, Dr. Ximeng Wang; President of Sino-US Weekly, Yongtian Li; Dr. Renjie Hu of California Health Department; Chinese American Federation and Heads of Chambers of Commerce across the United States, etc. are invited to attend the press conference. As the initiator of the forum, Dr. Jiahao Zhang points out in his speech that with the development of innovation era, forums can not only stay at the level of academic, theoretical and industrial analysis, and need to produce actual industrialization and economic benefits. In the field of global forums, a weather vane is urgently needed to make a general survey of industry landscape, besides, transboundary and interdisciplinary forums will become new forms that affect political and economic development worldwide. The American Chinese Experts Association has more than 1,500 experts and scholars around the world and the ACIP has branches in more than 40 countries worldwide, bringing well-known resources together in the fields of finance, culture, education, science and technology. These resources are the foundation for the success of the Global Summit Forum.

In September 2019, we will invite global politicians, scientists, thinkers, artists, entrepreneurs to hold the 1st Global Summit Forum, and look forward to the wisdom of global innovation and cooperation to ignite every dream! According to a number of media reports: Mr. Jiahao Zhang is a famous entrepreneur, investor, philanthropist and social activist, who has been appointed as a global business ambassador by the city of Cambridge, UK, and awarded an honorary doctorate from the University of Cambridge.  

(George Pippas, Mayor of Cambridge, UK, awarded Mr. Jiahao Zhang with the Cambridge Business Ambassador Certificate and the honorary doctorate from the University of Cambridge.)

At present, Mr. Jiahao Zhang is the president of ACIP and the chairman of US Metropolitan Capital Management Group; Over the years, he has been adhering to the investment philosophy of “making investment with emotions and endowing capital with temperature”, which is characterizesd by Zhang’s personalized features. He has successfully operated many companies and projects with the pursuit of “doing less, doing right and doing great things”, enjoying the reputation of “capital master”. A number of business cases represented by “the Same Song” have been included as classic teaching cases by MBA schools of many universities. Now, the main investment areas of Mr. Zhang’s companies cover new technology, new energy, grand cultural travel, and great health, etc.

Press Conference of Mr. Jiahao Zhang’s 5 Billion RMB Film and Television Culture Fund

Press Conference of Mr. Jiahao Zhang’s 100 Million USD Chinese Entrepreneur Development Fund

In 2009, Mr. Jiahao Zhang invested in the Shenzhen Football Club of China and has become China’s longest-running entrepreneur of football; In April 2018, Mr. Jiahao Zhang established the “5 Billion RMB Film and Television Culture Fund”; In July 2018, 100 Million USD Chinese Entrepreneur Development Fund was established, attracting numerous talents in the field of science and technology worldwide. Up to now, Mr. Jiahao Zhang’s investment companies manage more than 7 billion USD funds. This time, Mr. Jiahao Zhang has teamed up with more than 1,500 professors and scholars worldwide as well as business people to launch a global summit forum, aiming at gathering outstanding talents, high-quality capitals and excellent projects to promote global economic development.

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