Patrick Hawkins of Hawk’s Services warns homeowners to check their plumbing before winter
Patrick Hawkins of Hawk’s Services is a home service professional in the Rochester area. Recent weather patterns indicate that this will be a rough winter on plumbing and septic and he encourages homeowners to have their systems checked before winter sets in.

By Zoey Thompson

Rochester, MN – Patrick Hawkins is a respected service professional in the Rochester, Minnesota. In his years of experience servicing homes in the region he has witnessed many easily preventable winter catastrophes. Between tree root growth into septic fields and freezing pipes, Hawkins explains that winter takes a toll on area homeowners. His advice is to prevent problems before they start and he’s taking this message to all of his clients this fall.

“I’m a local business and that means I’m not part of some national chain with a responsibility elsewhere,” he says. “I’m a member of this community and I see that as a commitment to my neighbors. I’m always willing to work with and individual’s financial situation as much as I can. This sometimes means informing people of dangers to their systems before they happen.” 

Trees don’t just grow upwards, he explains, their roots grow down and outwards. That means that during the summer tree roots often grow into septic lines and sewer piping. As winter arrives these blockages, compounded with deep freeze can create huge—and costly—issues for home and property owners. “This is why I repeat as often as possible that it is cheaper in the long run to perform less costly preventive maintenance than to fix plumbing issues in the middle of winter,” he says. “Not only are invasive procedures more expensive but a deep freeze doesn’t just effect one property around here. Below freezing temperatures means burst pipes all over the area and not enough service men and women to handle them.”

Hawkins has routine, low-cost service exams that will help to detect issues with plumbing, heating, and water heaters and affordable rates to perform the maintenance that will keep them in good condition throughout the winter months.  If, however, the worst should happen Hawk’s Services provides affordable services and products in a reasonable time and with the type of guarantee that only a local business can provide. “Like I said, I live here in Rochester and my reputation is tied to my business performance,” he explains. “It’s my job to provide the best service possible and to do so with the utmost integrity.  If you have a problem, call us. We will work with you.”

For more information about maintenance and service checks, visit their website.

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